Jeremy Corbyn et al

Rigged economy, the socially disadvantaged losing out, raising taxes etc etc. Tell us something we don’t know? But and here’s a big ‘but’, does it play to the voting inclinations of a broad section of the electorate? And apart from this, how times have changed over the past 40 odd years. There’s more courses, more ways to set yourself up and more degrees, than anyone with even a bold imagination could have foreseen all those years ago. At least it’s an improvement. 

Jeremy Corbyn needs to take a lesson from Tony Blair (the son of Thatcher and who took on the whole electorate) if he is to be successful in his bid for Prime Ministerial power – and Marxist John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor. Personally, I don’t think that anyone in his right mind can counter this, least of all Corbyn. Politics is an unpredictable business, but on this occasion it is possible to anticipate the course of events in the pending General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn is out. Full stop.

One can predict in the most charming of ways, how decent and honourable a man he is, but he is non-electable. A Shadow Cabinet full of faceless individuals, non-starters and witless comments on what might be in the perfect world of Corbynmania. Well it all makes delightful reading at bedtime, whilst one is gurgling on a cup of hot chocolate and gradually dropping off into a deep and hazy sleep.

You watch these people from the Shadow Cabinet and wonder where in blue blazes they have come from? Where are all the Labourites of the past? The people who can argue and deliberate, the front runners? Nowhere to be seen and why is that?

You can answer this question yourself, it doesn’t need me to tell you.

The new Mayor of Greater Manchester (I have a certain respect for the gentleman), Labour’s Andy Burnham, was nowhere to be seen when Corbyn took a trip up there to wish him all the best. Labour won the seat on the individual’s personality. Strong and decisive. Two characteristics of a man who wishes to lead. Sadly, not two personality traits that is in Corbyn’s lexicon!

Labour has a few short weeks to sort itself out. It is an impossible task. It has taken a road of 70’s left of left delusion. It failed then and it will fail once again. It must elect a new leader and get rid of the Membership vote. If it doesn’t then it will enter into the history books of political failure.

I do not wish this. Get yourselves sorted out and be a responsible Opposition once and for all – who knows, this might lead to real power. Hold the Tories to account and show where they are going wrong.

Do it and be a successful political party – and give the Tories a thrashing while you are about it!            


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