Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott has certainly got her facts wrong – not for the first time it has to be said. Unaware of the cost of policing in the United Kingdom seems to be the latest Labour blunder to hit our ear holes. I’m astonished that being the Shadow Home Secretary she is so blatantly ignorant of the amount of money that 10,000 more police officers will cost the country. It is remarkable. More to the point, it is another example of how disjointed the Labour party is when it comes to policy. Some say this, some say that and in between all the political commentators and scientists (that’s a good one!) say something else. All a mishmash of comment that sets out to confuse us all.

Daily Politics and Newsnight, all make it their raison d’etre to exercise a barrage of political confoundedness – well, good on them even if they are a little beyond the pale. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up with hearing the same old swan songs. Brexit or bust, financial bankruptcy or well- being blah de blah. Voting tactically is becoming the norm and so on. As far as I’m concerned this last tactical manoeuvre is utter nonsense. Vote for whom you want in power and that’s it, otherwise what’s the point in having a democratic vote in the first place?

You know, I’m getting thoroughly tired of hearing the same thing. We’re all aware of the implications of leaving the European Union. We know that health, education, social services and the police to name but a few, are under stress. We know that we are being hit in our pockets but what is the solution to all this?

“Poverty’ is a relative term. We don’t have the misery of Africa or India to contend with, although it must be said that those who live in a state of nothing must be cared for. But how will this be addressed by a left-wing Government? It won’t. It will just leave us skint and with nowhere to go.

It is better to have a strong Government to deal with it than a weak one. It is in our interest to fight from a position of national unity. Don’t forget the financial crash of 2007, its still with us. There is still a debt to pay. No wonder there is a push for “austerity”, we have forgotten all this in recent times.

Think long and hard about it, while you scribble your name on a sheet of paper. You will be signing away you children’s life and your grandchildren’s. Don’t be emasculated by promises of trust and goodwill. Look at the facts and draw your own conclusions, it will probably be better that the politicians in any event!