It seems that all the memos are in and the parties are hitting the headlines for all they are worth. So what are we to do about it? ‘Submarine’ May is sneaking underneath the headwater by telling us very little and Jeremy Corbyn is trying to reach back to the ‘70’s with an unbridled sense of purpose. It is really is a two horse race, with one of the two carrying a lame leg, no doubt you can guess which one? As for the others they just aren’t in it, they have received the starting bullet at the off.

“There is no Mayism” (according to Theresa May) or at least it is something that journalist like writing about (beats Corbynism, I suppose) and the road to Brexit will be a harsh call, that’s if you believe all the media spin on things. Talking about the media, I can’t help feeling that the BBC is left of centre, along with Channel 4. Well it takes all sorts to make up a democracy, so publish and be damned and quite right too!

May is trying to open up our society with a country that looks after everyone (a first for the Tories) and Corbyn is trying to follow Michael Foot, with a revival of 1980’s policy – that didn’t get Foot very far, it was Labour’s exercise in ‘suicide’, according to the late Gerald Kaufman. Labour’s intent on raising taxes, spend, spend, spend and having a budget shortfall of 53Bn, I somehow don’t think this will get us very far but who knows. Politics is all about dealing with the unknown.

The one thing that caught my eye, was the provision made for old ‘uns. I am getting on in years. The Tories are allowing us to keep £100,000 out of a property we own, rather more than the £23,000 odd allowed at the moment, but this applies to not only the care in Nursing and Residential Homes but the help we receive at home – not applicable beforehand.

Blast! The Tories are out to get us but wait, Theresa May has done a U-turn on this, it’s all subject to a cap being the subject of a ‘consultancy’.

This last comment is made with my tongue firmly embedded in my cheek, and do you know why? My wife has recently retired from managing Nursing Homes, I have some pension provision put away and who cares if we are asked to pay for more for our upkeep in order to get social services at the ready for those who are unable to pay for it – I’d think about this long and hard if the social services provided to me in the not too distant past is anything to go by, I told them ‘to go away’ with a polite edge to my voice! 

I don’t mind paying and that’s that.

And what is the triple lock all about anyway? They will take the 2.5 % away, so what. Apart from this, there is still the 7 year gift plan (give some money to your children whatever, the last 7 years and you are out of Inheritance Tax, allow a further few years and you’re out of Nursing Home liability), so what’s the worry? There’s also the Discretionary Trust plan but I won’t go into all this, its legal nonsense which I won’t bore you into a soundless sleep with.

If I had my way, I would charge people like me, for bus fares, prescriptions, TV licences etc As for Winter Fuel Payments it’s about time somebody had the audacity to face this totally unfair policy. Means test all of them, and this would ensure the have nots get a better deal than they have now. Problem solved, the well- off pay for the under privileged.

Considering all this, it might be wise to think hard about who you will vote for. Wales has been a natural Labour territory for years. It is time for change. We need a person who will lead and be strong. A person that will lead us out of the European Union with a tough hand, and one can only hope a compassionate one………and a person who is prepared to press the button on the nuclear deterrent.

In this instance, God help us all!     


Teaching Assistants

Have you heard of all the messing about and curios attachments that surround modern day living? I can’t go anywhere without being frightened of something being put into the mix. We’re all scared of this and scared of that. Makes you wonder why we bother going out of the front door!

Now, I’m only joking here but let’s face it, things are going a little crazy. There are so many things that we can do to avoid disaster it hurts. Here’s one for example. Teaching assistants. I never came across them in my day. The days when cobwebs and chalk hung from every blackboard in the country. Why does a teacher need an ‘assistant’? Can’t he just teach and leave it at that? On second thoughts, expecting a classroom to stand up and say ‘Good morning’ is just asking too much isn’t it? What’s wrong with a bit of good manners?

Now the reason I’m going on about all this, is that modern day culture has gone berserk, be in no doubt about it. The media and the press are not helping matters much (I saw one channel the other evening going on about teaching assistants) and to cap it all, we are being a party to this maelstrom of  sinister well-being.

Never mind ‘austerity’ put a stop to all this nonsense that one hears about every day!

There may be a few of you who get all irate about my attitude but think of it this way, if all the money wasted on these notions of culpability were to be put to good use, say a home for homeless donkeys, wouldn’t we all be better off? Just a thought.

I long for the certitude of old fashioned ways. The security. Who says one has to switch this or that on? Who says one has to be ‘connected’? Has the modern day come to this? I was in a meeting the other day, about 15-20 odd people and do you know what? I was the only one who didn’t have a mobile phone, to hell with social media and to being ‘connected’. And come to that, being on call for 24 hours 7 days a week can go and take a running jump too! As for the internet, well………

We have forgotten what it is like to be human. Taking a girl out for a drink has become a one sided affair. Both sit there and punch a mobile phone for a distraction from conversation. Both have forgotten why they are there. Charm and erudite conversation are for the birds.

Well, I’ll go off for a nice bit of rowing with my wife now – this certainly beats the online presence!



Jeremy Corbyn et al

Rigged economy, the socially disadvantaged losing out, raising taxes etc etc. Tell us something we don’t know? But and here’s a big ‘but’, does it play to the voting inclinations of a broad section of the electorate? And apart from this, how times have changed over the past 40 odd years. There’s more courses, more ways to set yourself up and more degrees, than anyone with even a bold imagination could have foreseen all those years ago. At least it’s an improvement. 

Jeremy Corbyn needs to take a lesson from Tony Blair (the son of Thatcher and who took on the whole electorate) if he is to be successful in his bid for Prime Ministerial power – and Marxist John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor. Personally, I don’t think that anyone in his right mind can counter this, least of all Corbyn. Politics is an unpredictable business, but on this occasion it is possible to anticipate the course of events in the pending General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn is out. Full stop.

One can predict in the most charming of ways, how decent and honourable a man he is, but he is non-electable. A Shadow Cabinet full of faceless individuals, non-starters and witless comments on what might be in the perfect world of Corbynmania. Well it all makes delightful reading at bedtime, whilst one is gurgling on a cup of hot chocolate and gradually dropping off into a deep and hazy sleep.

You watch these people from the Shadow Cabinet and wonder where in blue blazes they have come from? Where are all the Labourites of the past? The people who can argue and deliberate, the front runners? Nowhere to be seen and why is that?

You can answer this question yourself, it doesn’t need me to tell you.

The new Mayor of Greater Manchester (I have a certain respect for the gentleman), Labour’s Andy Burnham, was nowhere to be seen when Corbyn took a trip up there to wish him all the best. Labour won the seat on the individual’s personality. Strong and decisive. Two characteristics of a man who wishes to lead. Sadly, not two personality traits that is in Corbyn’s lexicon!

Labour has a few short weeks to sort itself out. It is an impossible task. It has taken a road of 70’s left of left delusion. It failed then and it will fail once again. It must elect a new leader and get rid of the Membership vote. If it doesn’t then it will enter into the history books of political failure.

I do not wish this. Get yourselves sorted out and be a responsible Opposition once and for all – who knows, this might lead to real power. Hold the Tories to account and show where they are going wrong.

Do it and be a successful political party – and give the Tories a thrashing while you are about it!            

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott has certainly got her facts wrong – not for the first time it has to be said. Unaware of the cost of policing in the United Kingdom seems to be the latest Labour blunder to hit our ear holes. I’m astonished that being the Shadow Home Secretary she is so blatantly ignorant of the amount of money that 10,000 more police officers will cost the country. It is remarkable. More to the point, it is another example of how disjointed the Labour party is when it comes to policy. Some say this, some say that and in between all the political commentators and scientists (that’s a good one!) say something else. All a mishmash of comment that sets out to confuse us all.

Daily Politics and Newsnight, all make it their raison d’etre to exercise a barrage of political confoundedness – well, good on them even if they are a little beyond the pale. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up with hearing the same old swan songs. Brexit or bust, financial bankruptcy or well- being blah de blah. Voting tactically is becoming the norm and so on. As far as I’m concerned this last tactical manoeuvre is utter nonsense. Vote for whom you want in power and that’s it, otherwise what’s the point in having a democratic vote in the first place?

You know, I’m getting thoroughly tired of hearing the same thing. We’re all aware of the implications of leaving the European Union. We know that health, education, social services and the police to name but a few, are under stress. We know that we are being hit in our pockets but what is the solution to all this?

“Poverty’ is a relative term. We don’t have the misery of Africa or India to contend with, although it must be said that those who live in a state of nothing must be cared for. But how will this be addressed by a left-wing Government? It won’t. It will just leave us skint and with nowhere to go.

It is better to have a strong Government to deal with it than a weak one. It is in our interest to fight from a position of national unity. Don’t forget the financial crash of 2007, its still with us. There is still a debt to pay. No wonder there is a push for “austerity”, we have forgotten all this in recent times.

Think long and hard about it, while you scribble your name on a sheet of paper. You will be signing away you children’s life and your grandchildren’s. Don’t be emasculated by promises of trust and goodwill. Look at the facts and draw your own conclusions, it will probably be better that the politicians in any event!