We’re skint!

It can’t be easy reading all this political commentary. Everywhere you look, there’s the same old comments to be fired at you: The country is heading for the knackers yard; you can’t give up etc etc All in the name of Brexit, God help me! But and here’s the thing, there are many expenses that the Welsh Government can do without:

NHS can “no longer be used as buffet cart”, says AM, as universal free prescription policy reaches 10-year milestone 

On the day the Welsh Government’s universal free prescriptions policy reaches its 10th anniversary, Welsh Conservatives are calling on Labour Ministers to move towards a more “just and affordable” model.

Commenting, Angela Burns AM, Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“Universal free prescriptions is a good and noble idea if you have a bottomless well of cash, but clearly this just isn’t the case for the Welsh NHS. Last year the health service in Wales spent a record-breaking £593.7m on free prescriptions – that’s a mammoth 45% rise on when the policy was first introduced by the Welsh Labour Government in 2000.

Well isn’t that stating the obvious?

Wales is skint, just like Scotland and for all this we are giving away money as if it’s going out of fashion. Why prescriptions aren’t mean tested? I can afford to pay for them and I’m sure many of you can afford it too. To hell with the beer and fags (I don’t have much choice where these two highlights of life are concerned, more is the pity) and nights out on the town: Pay for the prescription and to hell with it – never mind the paracetamol you can get it over the counter!

Angela Burns goes on:

“Put simply, people who can afford to pay for their medicine should pay, while those who cannot afford to pay, or live with long-term chronic conditions, should still be able to benefit from free medicine. The NHS can no longer be treated like a buffet cart.”

It’s a buffet cart alright, like just about every else in Wales. The principality is never going to pull itself out of this financial maelstrom come what may. The Labour Government must get a grip on things. otherwise it’s all going to be doom and gloom for everybody – and not forgetting the children and grandchildren. Where is the spirit of the 1940’s, where is the courage of its industrial might?

Up the spout, like everything else.

The Welsh must show its true colours, and fight to win. This way the expulsion of the European Union will mean absolutely nothing. We’ll eat the leeks and daffodils again, no matter what the European trauma throws at us!