Andrew RT Davies

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, had this to say as part of his speech at the Spring Forum of the Welsh Conference:

“The Leader of the Scottish Nationalists Union wants to tear that union apart. With each passing day she wants and sounds more and more like the man she reviles the most. She wants to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall…….and sadly the Scottish people who pay for it. Well I’ve got the message for the SNP and other separatists across our isles. The United Kingdom that we cherish is not a thing of the past. It remains- as ever-the world’s greatest family of nations

Nicola Sturgeon, take note: This Union is here to stay.”

Well now, is this a sparkle of hope? Of optimism? In all the chaos and retribution that pass us by on a daily basis? Or is it a misreading of the true intention of Nicola Sturgeon? Could it be that since she was 15, independence has been the only real political intent that she can rally around?

As far as Sturgeon is concerned, now is the time to swipe this conspiracy theory come hell or high water. It’s time to thump May where it really hurts.

She is going against the popular vote (that’s if you believe all the London commentators) and against the will of the Scottish people…..but so what. She wants an independent Scotland so let her have it. Duff economy and all – what about the Health Service, the economy, education etc etc, All in a trifle mess. I don’t know what you readers think, but I am getting fed up with hearing the ‘independent’ clichés on a daily basis regardless of whether one is pro or against the Brexit argument. Its population is about 5.3 million, so let the Scots to get on with it and see what happens.

As if you need to be told this.15 billion is already the Scottish debt, so what next? I’ll leave this to you.

The Prime Minister has no choice but to wait until the negotiations for a leaving of the European Union are finished. Sturgeon might be flying high (and taking a huge risk) in the pilot’s seat but wait and see – Teresa May might well be doing the same thing. It’s all about something or anything but we shall just have to wait, just like Donald Trump across the deep blue sea – and it really is deep too!

The politicians are clueless and so are we, not much to hope for is there?

And Plaid Cymru is asking for Wales to have a say on things too. Being British is a complicated thing, isn’t it just!   




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