The Welsh language

Plaid Cymru Assembly Member and Chair of the Assembly’s Culture Welsh Language and Communications Committee, Bethan Jenkins, has demanded equality for Wales from the BBC following the Corporation’s decision to award a large increase in funding for BBC Scotland, including the creation of a new Scottish based TV channel.

The funding announcement for Scotland comes a day after the BBC announced extra money for BBC Wales, but far less than the recommended £30 million per year. Bethan Jenkins AM said:

“Today’s announcement once again goes to show that the BBC treats Wales very differently. Although extra money was announced yesterday for BBC Wales, it was significantly less than what was recommended by our committee, by Welsh Government, and the Institute for Welsh Affairs. 

Bit of a sticky wicket here, wouldn’t you say?

Wales has its own Welsh language radio station, its own TV channel and everything else written in Welsh as well as English.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

The Welsh language has been poetical, written and snapped up in a delicate script for 2000 years, no doubt it will go on and good luck to them – unfortunately, I don’t speak a word of the Brythonic tongue but there we are. We can’t all be multi-lingual experts in so many tongue twisting languages!

Plaid doesn’t do itself any good at all by hailing the Welsh language flag – there are enough ‘flags’ being raised at the moment eg Gt Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, France etc. Let people come to the language by their own free will. I am positive that by using this method they would arrive at a conclusion that is far better for everyone concerned.

The Welsh Government and the Institute for Welsh Affairs (I’ve written an article for this bastion of Welsh deliberation, didn’t go down too well come to think of it!), need to try an exercise of gentle persuasion to bring the Welsh language to those who are resistant to it, let’s see where it will get them? It would take the fire out of mischievous mockery wouldn’t it?

There is also the sense of history, economy and population to think of. Scotland has its own unique history, an economy and is more than twice the size of Wales. TV channels are all very well, but only as pictures jumping up and down on a screen. Some call it a great demand on the eyes of a population, just as internet foolery is another – I’ll not get into mobile phones, they upset me too much.

Being a standoffish sort of fellow, at least I speak to a few people. I wonder if the members of political parties and institutions manage a detailed conversation on the likes or dislikes of the Welsh language.

I don’t think so somehow.         




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