Good cheer!

That’s Christmas and the New Year out of the way. Thank heavens for that! I can’t stand the way we all stretch our pockets until they are empty – my wife has been pushing and pulling mine until they are jangle free of any coins let alone notes. That’s marriage for you.

So, what’s this Christmas all about then? A child being born in a manger, forget the ‘immaculate birth’ and so on, and three strangers turning up with diverse and various presents. All good stuff, particularly for those of a religious inclination. Jesus being born is what Christmas is made of, exactly when is a point that stretches the imagination but who cares?

Now, does anyone think of this when their out spending their cash (or credit) as if tomorrow never comes? The answer must be an unequivocal no. I heard nothing about it in my home and the same goes for the family reunion in Devon – I’ll never do this trip again, seven hours to get back and a right royal mood it has left me in! Next year they can all go, well you know what I mean.

Christmas is a fine excuse to make money, full stop. The shops glitter, stalls blabber with amusement and everybody makes a tidy living – well, not everyone. It’s the one period of the year when everyone can go nuts and spend the following year paying for it. Crazy.

Next year, I’m spending the festive period at home. Being miserable and fed up with it all.

And quite right too! I’ll bet there are some of you out there who feel the same way.

150 Words

Talking of Devon, we arrived in all good humour and happy that it was Christmas – well, I’m good at hiding my feelings, comes from writing you know. Everyone got on well, and my lot didn’t upset anyone. The food filled the belly (no turkey is sight) and believe it or not we played some board games to get shot of the evening hours – forget TV, its all board games and reality shows, why people bother with Sky is beyond me. Come to that, why bother with TV at all?

The Matron cheated, that’s what you’d expect. Needs a close eye does the wife, pulls a stroke before you can say ‘Blackjack’. Anyway, all went well and we left after saying ‘Goodbyes’ and ‘Thank you’. Somehow I can’t see the hosts doing it again, I wonder why?

Think about it.

150 Words

I live in a semi-rural location. I was out for lunch and overheard (I don’t do this often) some lady on the next table saying how horrid the place was. The poverty, the lack of opportunity for the young etc etc. I’ve not found it at all like this but there we are, differing opinions and so on.

I’ve lived from north to south and I can say that on my return to Wales I’ve not been disappointed. My wife can drive 15 miles to work without having stop once and well, the people are friendly and welcoming.

It’s not all that bad, that’s if you ignore education, health and the economy. It’s alright if you’ve got a few quid too – far be it for me to comment on this. After Christmas, well——-no opinion now Julian!    



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