Swansea Bay Tidal?

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon? A monstrous hole of extraordinary power. At least that’s what the officials want us to believe, and wait a minute the Welsh Government has to have a say otherwise it’s all watery nonsense.

Will they or won’t they, its politics all over again!

I’m not a betting man, but I hesitate to guess that the Welsh Government will pass it, albeit that Cardiff has the investment and money but there is a chance that the Government will let it go and to hell with the consequences. We’ll see.

Swansea is in need of the jobs it will produce, more boozers on a Friday night to add a certain symphony to the decision, and innovation is the name of the game. Its original name was Sweynesse (granted in a charter between 1158-1184), heaven knows but there’s a bit of Nordic in there somewhere, all to do with trading apparently.

‘Trading’, this a key word. The lagoon will add more trading and commercial might to this small town on the West of Wales. Good on you I say. What with Brexit taking all kinds of turns and political intransigence is a right mess (I’m talking of the Labour Part here), where do we go from here?

The lagoon has it right, left and centre. Hopefully politics will not interfere and the working man can get on with it. Where these will come from has yet to be seen, but its employment full stop and we have yet to see what Theresa May is going to with our voted expulsion of the European Union.

Friday nights in Wind Street, Swansea? You had better watch out for the police meat wagons! Never mind the swimming and yachting, if you’re that mad you want to do it!       


7 thoughts on “Swansea Bay Tidal?


    An honest man stands up in the Welsh Senate, shows the people of Wales and the world the idiocy of Carwyn Aman Ogwr Jones.

    PS….Check the video at 2.22 , bottom right you can see Kirsty Williams, Carwyn’s flunky for education, in her initial phase of her breakdown as a result from taking the post of education secretary.

  2. Yes! let’s call for an early election. It’s time for the people of Wales to get rid of Carwyn Jones and the traitors in the Labour party and Plaid Cymru…..they wanted us to stay in the EU dictatorship too.

    Interesting link on Sovereign Wales Owain!

    Below is a good video on the Bilderberg Group.

    At 2.45 watch that rat Tony Blair being put on the spot and stupidly admitting his association with the Bilderberg Group did have a conflict of interests.

  3. Carwyn out now!

    Let’s get this straight. Cameron is chucked out and replaced by Theresa May, pro European Union, but never the less Cameron is gone.

    Why, oh why is Carwyn Jones still the leader of the Welsh Assembly?

    Carwyn Jones wanted to steer Wales towards the EU dictatorship.

    Carwyn Jones doesn’t even have a majority in the Assembly!!!

    It’s a real disgrace. The people spoke Carwyn, you are no leader, you are not in touch with the Welsh people.

    Look at the PISA ratings Carwyn Jones is making idiots out of our children…………. and the Labour sheep still vote for him – beyond belief!

    The people of Wales did their patrotic duty and got us out of the corrupt EU. The EU as we all know is governed by Germany who use the Euro for their own benefit. They have decimataed the economies of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. They are flooding Europe with immigrants from dangerous places.

    Who created the mess in the Middle East and the refugee crisis……..



    Drain the Senedd swamp – Carwyn Jones out now!

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