Room enough!

It’s all going berserk, isn’t it? America’s President-elect is riding a storm of will he or won’t he and the European Union is one minute trying to stop us from leaving and the next minute saying, “ Get out of here, you’re a pain in my posterior anyway!”

The media are tearing themselves up, all in the prospect of ‘truth’ and the joke is, no-one knows anything about what will Trump do and what Therese May has planned. It does cause amusement.

Here is one that’s fair game though:

Conservatives “cannot be trusted on devolution”. So Baroness Jenny Randerson, of the Lib Dem Government relations said. Conservative MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, Chris Davies, has called for Westminster to have the power to place the Welsh Government in “special measures” withdrawing powers from Welsh politicians. In respect of the PISA 2015 results, Baroness Jenny Randerson clams:

“I’m astounded that Chris Davies MP has the audacity to suggest that the politicians in London know better the Welsh teaching profession………..the best people to make decisions about our schools and our children’s education are the people of Wales, not bureaucrats and the people of London. The Tories clearly cannot be trusted to roll back the tide of devolution.”

Well now Baroness Jenny Randerson, the comment might just have arrived after the worse PISA results yet. Maths and English are at an all-time low, the lowest in the UK, so what is your response to all this? Reform may take some time but how long have you got before another generation hits the deck?

The suggestion that must be made, is England doing better that Wales? The answer is an unequivocal yes – come to that it’s a ‘yes’ to the economy and the health system. Chris Davies does have a point. Tony Blair regretted devolution, and he’s right. Splitting the nation has done no good at all, look at all the chaos that has resulted from it. How can 3 million people in Wales decide its own future….against a population of 65 million?

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, the Economy and Finance, Adam  Price AM has responded to the publication of the latest GVA (Gross Value Added) figures for Wales by calling on the Welsh Government to hold an emergency summit to address the “deep structural crisis” at the heart of the Welsh economy. “These are amongst the worse figures we have seen since 1954.” 

Well, need I say more?All the parties are in a flux about the way the country is going – although, I would remind you about my historian, opportunism and pessimism. Whilst they tear themselves up over difficulties, we the people carry on as always, with a grin and a smirk.It’s all part of daily living you see………..well I take that back, partly living. Pessimist or opportunist? The words of the historian still linger in my mind. 

As Andrew Marr said, “Brexit, Trump, what next?”

I don’t know. Politics is moving in directions that we know nothing about.    





2 thoughts on “Room enough!

  1. We all know which direction Kirsty Williams is moving, descending downwards ……how low can you get?…… taking the Education Secretary job in the Assembly.

    Kirsty Williams the “education snatcher”……disgusting.

    Depriving a child from a good education is tantamount to child abuse.

    How does Kirsty Williams sleep at night?

    • What can you expect from a career politician like Kirsty Williams, what does she care, she’s building up an nice pension in the Senedd.

      Somebody should look into the reason why Welsh people are behind in education.

      Well I have one theory. The Africans and Middle-Eastern folk that have now populated England are more intelligent than the Welsh. Well they did say they were all engineers and doctors, sort creaming off all the clever people from these poor countries. Think about it!

      Well that’s my theory. There may be another cause, but I can’t think of anything else.

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