I was listening to a historian the other night. He came out with a question – that we’re all better off than we ever could be, or in comparison with let’s say, Victorian times. This twitched my curiosity and I wondered about what he was saying. He compared the poverty, the richness, the democratic states of all in sundry and he came to the conclusion that: We’re all better off!

Looking back is the thing. When we all take a cursory glance at moments in our history, we are undoubtedly more in tune with prejudice and racism etc We are more tolerant – at least where old curmudgeon’s like myself are concerned. We remember the bad old days, the young don’t. We remember the signs on B&B, saying, ‘No Immigrants Here’, it seems impossible to believe that such notice of racial disharmony could exist, but it did. And in all its glory.

We have indeed moved to a better place and I say, like the historian, life is better. I have a Sikh friend, who is more English than the English. He comes to stay every now and again and all hell breaks loose – in a nicest possible way. Racism? I think not.

I spent many years in and around Birmingham. I never once came across the tidal wave of racial discord. The media have it got it all wrong, just like the ‘remainers’ of late. Can you imagine that Theresa May hasn’t got a plan up her sleeve? Has she been fiddling with her pen holders all these months?

Utter nonsense.

I am convinced that the principle reason for the EU vote came from intelligent people. They wanted control of who comes in to this country, not a racist conviction – although these can be ignored, they are an irrelevance. Social services, education, health etc are all in the minds of those who wanted to leave. A genuine case of not enough services to put with what we’ve got. Simple.

Why the media has to spotlight everything that goes wrong is beyond me. It’s a small country, why does the media have to highlight all those things that are so pessimistic? We come back to my historian again.

Things are better, it’s a pity people shouldn’t start shouting about it! There are wars, there is poverty, but nothing of the note of previous debacles. We should live our lives in a state of hope, hope that things will improve. They have too. Improve to what, I just don’t know? This a question for more learned folk that my good self – but then, what ‘more learned’ people have come up with an answer to all these problems?

Bite the bullet and see where it gets us……Brexit come to mind as soon as I mention this! We should be looking at what we’ve got, not what we haven’t!

Live like the Victorians? Not likely!

We could end up like Oscar Wilde, now that’s another story.             


2 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. I was in Birmingham not so long ago, I didn’t encounter any racial discord….although I did encounter some traffic congestion driving through Small Heath.

    Nothing is so aggravating than calmness. Oscar Wilde

    A man who does not think for himself does not think at all. Oscar Wilde

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