A mess?

It’s all a bloody great mess, isn’t it? Politics doesn’t know  where it’s going or where. May is keeping her actions under wraps (and who can blame her?), and the opposition such as it is, is demanding redress on her capability to answer their questions. All a bloody great mess.

You may well be thinking, that the Prime Minister should answer in detail what her negotiating standards are, well, would you answer this if you buying a house for example?

The answer has to be no.

The media and and commentary in particular, has to be assigned some of the blame for this. Personally, I can’t see the PM knowing precisely zero about the upcoming tangle of the EU, can you?

Think about it.  


One thought on “A mess?

  1. I am in my sixties,I have followed politics all of my life.Listened to all opinions, watched as each and every party made a complete and total mess of my country.Harold Macmillan back in the late fifties early sixties his battle cry was “you have never had it so good”.This said when in my Scottish homeland families were living hand to mouth.Harold Wilson his charmer was “wont affect the pound in your pocket”,give us a few years and we will sort this he promised,result? total chaos. Jim Callaghan returning from a sunshine holiday ,”crisis what crisis”? well,perhaps dead bodies lying unburied in our streets was a clue Jim.So,here we are today ,more lies, more cheating, a new group of so called “professional politicians” making a pigs ear of things.Lots of them have cheated on their wives,lied,claimed outrageous expenses, and done nothing to improve the well being of their fellow man.To them I say this, hang your heads in shame,between all of you our once proud land is  crumbling before our very eyes.I have seen many of you during my time working in some of the top hotels in the land, I have watched as you sneaked around in the early hours with some tart or other,I have watched as some of you stagger to bed dead drunk. On board the elite dining cars when I was steward seeing you behave in the most dreadful  fashion.So, now we as a country are at the cliff edge dont tell me you have a plan. Share this:  Greetings from sunny Kidwelly.

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