The Sun

I sat down in a chair the other day and wondered about the sky. The sky, yes I know, a bit morbid isn’t it? The point is, what faced me was a clean and pure environment. A bit poetical of me but never mind. It was untouched by a world that is going backwards – backwards to what, heavens knows. The politics, the pressure groups and those who try exert influence, were absent from the transparent mass above me. What a world we live in, some say it’s the best we’ve had, some are not so sure As I looked I thought well, the sky is the best place to be.

After all, one can remain in a state of total indifference to it.

150 Words

I was looking at the sky the other day – yes, I know I’m know I’m going on about the sky but bear with me. And all these jet steams were running about the place, holiday makers off to their dream places and such like. More fool them, I thought. I’ve done more travelling in my time than Marco Polo having a hangover on a bad day!

I thought about the cases, the airports, security and came to the conclusion, that I’m better off sitting at home and watching all these silly people make a mess of their lives – although, they might say I’m making a mess of mine, no argument there then.

Travelling. It’s a dream come true for some, but hell on earth for those who have to do it.

One place is much like another – sorry Attenborough, but there it is.  


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