Let’s get a bit thoughtful……

The other day, I employed two men to do the garden. It  was a right royal mess and needed some loving attention. I gave my instructions and left the men to get on with it. Purple chip stones, removing the outrageous plants etc Nothing wrong with this and I removed myself from the men as they deliberated and worked out what went where – I don’t hang around where men are working. Far too exhausting for my general well-being, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, I had been let down so many times, so I entered the house with a degree of despair, God help me when the matron returns I thought. Heaven knows what the garden will look like with these two at it with shears and shovels and God knows else.

Well now, the matron returned early evening and guess what? She was smiling and said, “Well done Julian, you’ve made an amazing job of the front lawn. Bloody amazing!”

I’d given the two boys an extra few quid to their keep their mouths, that’s if the matron caught them at it.

A little lie doesn’t do any harm when the intention is right, does it?  


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