War and peace

Yesterday, I went form one hospital to another and ended up late for an appointment with a lady, from the surly sands of Swansea Bay. That was a bit literate wasn’t it? I don’t blame you all for pulling faces, Ruck gets a bit like this now and again! Anyway, I was late for the hospital and late for the lady – nothing scurrilous I assure you.

Now the strange thing is, I consider unpunctuality to be a major crime where the human condition is concerned. People who fail to do a tie up properly (or bow tie) or curlers that won’t go in, are a no-go area – makes you wonder why I put up with the wife doesn’t it? Come to think of it, does anyone use curlers anymore? Anyway, waiting for a woman is a frustrating business, it drives me mad. “I’m doing my hair” or “I’m deciding which shoes to wear” all contribute to a disgruntled Julian (among many others I hasten to add).

I sit there in the hall way and say, “That’s all right dear, take your time. We only have 10 minutes before the train goes.”

You see what I mean?

There’s another one – make up. Now I’m fairly lucky here, my wife doesn’t wear much but when she does it’s all over the place. Lipstick here, there and everywhere. Can’t complain much though she’s a beauty for all that, despite age adding a wrinkle or two! But the smile gets better with the onrush of time and funnily enough, more enchanting.


Tattoos. Now here’s a one to get all you oldies going. Personally, and I say personally, I can’t understand why one wishes to imprint sculptures on one’s own body? Take my body for instance. There’s more scars on it than a desultory whale waiting to be carved up on a whaling ship – mind you on saying this, I can see a case for tattooing my torso with a surgeon’s scalpel! The point is, it’s become fashionable. Even girls are doing it. Birds and heavens know what are everywhere, so thank God I’m old and worn out – some would say!

So in ending this I have to say, what would future employers think? Not much, they probably have a load of ‘em themselves! It’s a pity one couldn’t go into the interview room and say,  “Shirts up and let’s see what you’ve got!”


I was watching a bird singing at the back of my house. It was early and he was just about to start looking for some grub. There was no noise coming from anywhere, I live in a rural location, so peace and quiet is the order of the day. I watched him tweet a little bit and his head seemed to curl around in impossible directions – reminded me of boozed up days in some accommodating gutter but that can wait for now (the Editor would never the print the stuff!).

He reminded me of what it’s like to be ignorant of all that surrounded him. The wars, the peace and the general intemperance. I watched him fly off and thought, good on you little bird, just watch out for the nasty soul flying above you. He might you just soar down and eat you for his breakfasts.

Aleppo immediately came to mind.


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