Evening Post

Last weekend, I was up in West Bromwich. My wife and I left talking with each other and got out refusing to speak with each other, that’s driving for you. I used to work in West Brom, sorting somebody else’s financial traumas out. That was the day, when I was inundated with wails of bankruptcy and re-possession and had to do something about it – court, court and court! But there we are.

This time I was up there for a wedding. I hate weddings, but I went to show willing, nice chap that I am. I’ve been to a few, Sikh and Hindu and this was my first where the participants were of a white colour. Congratulation and happiness were the order of the day and everything went off to a flying start, ended up on the floor but so be it! It was good day and that’s that. Missed the bottles of whisky and Bacardi, as is the want of a Sikh marriage but you can’t have everything.

Anyway, it was good to return to a place I know so well. Not so sure about the Hotel we stayed in that’s a recent addition but everything was clean and tidy so I can’t complain. My friend booked it, I paid. That’s the usual arrangement where we are concerned. Some friend!

In the morning we went for a scuttle around the town centre. Nothing much had changed. The odd building had gone up and a scruffy coffee shop had disappeared, progress I think you would call it. I walked around looking and seeing and I came to the conclusion that in 10 odd years, nothing much had changed. There were more Asians that white, and that was fine with me. Made me wonder about Wales again, and how we are detached from the Brexit argument. I have lived in all sorts of places and I cannot understand the disquiet. Cardiff has got a few immigrants but nothing to speak of, ah well time immemorial I suppose.

Oddly enough, we ended up in a café just by the bus station. Filled with white bods talking about the exit. It was run by Asians and very polite they were too, it was the only place in the town that I spotted a white conglomerate. Not much hatred going on, they’d all just got used to the new environment. Funny that, although it’s a pity that some of us can’t see it.

It was lesson in racial harmony – sorry for using those two words – but it happens far and wide. The 3rd generation of Asians are as British as you or me, I can’t understand all the nonsense that goes on but there we are.

I’d like to bet that Theresa May is going through an equal state of confusion. Politics is in a state of unfettered don’t know this or that and we shall eventually see where it all leads us!

Time, time and time.




One thought on “Evening Post

  1. What’s happened to Julian Ruck that he was before the accident? The Welsh ‘Freedom Fighters’ need your hard hitting thoughts on ever increasing Cymrufication of Wales that’s dragging Wales back into the dark ages!

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