Evening Post

Well, that’s the Jeremy Corbyn institution seen too. Far left, and here we go. Momentum party isn’t of course, filled with Marxist and Trotskyists but there we are. One never knows with political interest. ‘Democracy’ rules and that’s ok.

“That the best candidate that they could muster to challenge Corbyn, was a former Viagra lobbyist is a reflection of the dearth of talent that exists within their ranks,” so said the Welsh Conservative spokesperson.

If Lord Neil Kinnock lasts another ten years (which is a modest age by present standards), you’ll be looking at 10 years of Labour doldrums and quarrels. I interviewed the gentleman last year and he ended things by saying, “What did you expect, I’m a bloody socialist!” In all fairness to the gentleman, he was fair and honest in his answers, not the deliberating slyness that politicians are often accused of – not that I ever have been aware of any, in all the political interviews I have done.

So what’s this Corbyn/Smith all about one may well ask? Extreme left or centre left? The infighting has concluded that Corbyn wins and Owen Smith has been knocked out. But what will this do to the Labour Party?

Annihilation or a community of spirit? Momentum has been shown to be inclusive of extreme left participants, who are driving the Labour party into extinction. Jeremy Corbyn appears to be untroubled by this, indeed it could be said that his lackadaisical attitude welcomes it. One will never know.

The extreme left of the party try to make their presence unknown, but this doesn’t really convince the voter. The party is on a left projection but be nowhere near thinking it is nothing more than an illusion to think otherwise. I don’t feel that 600 odd membership is a true ‘democratic’ vote but there we are, the word ‘democracy’ exists in the mind and nowhere else. It’s rather like ‘where are you going to get then money from’, a question that is rarely asked of any of them.

The Liberal Democrats have nowhere to go, in spite of the party trying to grab the ‘centre’ ground. Kirsty Williams has joined the Welsh Labour party so the Welsh arm is out, and little can be said about the parliamentary contingent – unless they started shouting to all in sundry what their policies exactly are? Tim Farron is the leader but will he convince voters of his courage and out and out strength?

UKIP are now led by Diane James, a woman, and I can see comparisons to our own Prime Minister not being far off. Time will tell if she a worthy opponent but the question remains? What are her policies?

All in all the opposition is a fine state and this isn’t good for our ‘democracy’. An opponent of worthy stature is needed to fight the Tories head on. At the moment there is no-one. They have nothing to fear from the opposition, indeed their must humble enemies have turned into a rag tag and bobtail mess – that’s if they don’t watch their administration of the Brexit, look out then!

There’s not one who has the gravitas to have an effect on Teresa May – more is the pity. Now, David Miliband and a disciplined Labour party?

He would cut it, wouldn’t he just!


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