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You may be thinking, what on earth is going on with the Labour Government – Welsh Labour that is. Well, an awful lot it seems. I know you must get fed up with my rantings but here we go!

There is a crisis in the recruitment of GP’s, with more surgeries closing at a whip of a pen. The warnings come as new figures showing that the number of GP practices handed back to health boards is again, on the increase. What is going on?

There are some lovely counties in Wales, the standard of life is far more calming and the general the aspect of hard ‘living’ is far more generous that say, London. Is it the hard work, which some in the valleys maintain it is? Or is it Wales is just a no-go area?

I myself have been faced with a four week long appointment (this didn’t work when I spoke with a receptionist I knew), and the problem was solved instantly. Four weeks? Do they seriously think I can wait that long, with a seriously difficult body malfunction? Anyway, you get my point.

Neil McEvoy AM has said:

“This question had already raised some serious questions about the grant system in Wales. The system is already in crisis after millions has have already been lost to companies who have gone bust. But this is more serious still.”

What he was stalking about is the grant of 1 million pounds made by the Welsh government to Euro Foods Group Ltd, which in turn is owned by Shelim Hussein. Mr Hussein who owns kikd.com, who is now under investigation by the Counter Fraud and Internal Office after a number of jobs were outsourced to Bangladesh and India.

Funny that, jobs for Wales.

He said:

“I asked the First Minister in the Assembly, whether cash for Welsh ministers exists. He said it didn’t for commercial lobbyists. Yet his Labour ministers were being wined and dined by a company that was busy outsourcing jobs abroad that should have gone to people in Wales. Welsh taxpayers were essentially creating jobs in Bangladesh and India.”

These are internal problems which Welsh Labour has to sort out, one way or the other. The other difficulty for Labour is what they will do with the Corbynista trajectory – albeit, that it is the membership who is doing the voting? Fight for a hard left agenda, which in my opinion has no hope or split and devise another party? First Minister Carwyn Jones has made it abundantly clear that he would not carry on in Jeremy Corbyn’s shoes. How can one run a Labour Party where you have difficulty in forming a Cabinet and nearly all Parliamentarians are against you, that if you run on a far left policy?

Carwyn is right when he says this and shows that there might be a twinkling of a centre left policy, but will he be successful? The great democrat of the Labour Party is Corbyn, but does a few hundred thousand people compare with the millions of voters who have yet to have their say?

Regrettably, I think not.


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  1. The Labour Party are finished as they have now come out and are proposing the desctruction of the UK and British values.

    The lunatic Corbyn and the traitor Bergoglio are the seeds of the downfall of Europe. People should start waking up to what’s going on in Europe ….and fast!



    all the best

    Lizzy 🙂

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