Classic cars

Well, you all know about classic cars. I’m perched in one of them in the photo, see if you can spot me. Sitting there bored out of my wits and wishing I could return home and be bored by my darling wife once again!

Now, these things one hears about classic cars is all correct – you don’t go out in one with at least a fleet of RAC vans following you. If you’re lucky, you may get away with a journey without needing one but I wouldn’t bet on it. So there I am, sitting and waiting for deliverance – fat chance of that!

I hate classic cars, so what, you rightfully ask am I doing here?

It’s all about friendship you see. I don’t own one (I never will) and I go to keep my friend happy. I hear about what the classic car can do (or can’t) and the latest litany of divorce procedures which has just cleaned my friend out. A ready mix of current financial interest interspersed with ‘holier than thou’ heartbreak hotel mischief.

A fine combination!

What did I get up to? I went off, bought myself a hamburger and went for a walk around the town. A delightful use of my defunct ankle but all the better for giving it a whirl. Having sat down for a couple of fags and shot of caffeine, I finally thought ah well, it’s better than giving up a Atlantic lecture cruise – as for this lot, God don’t do it!

Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron and all the other parties you care to mention, are in a state of rumbustious chaos – that’s according to the intolerant press. Apart from this, there’s no mention (in a robust way) of balance and cohesion that is applicable to the wanting ‘out’ of the European Union.

More is the pity.

The only way forward in this classic change of peoples’ will, is to handle this decision in a contemplative manner. This the only way we will ever find a discourse through the presumed chaos of ‘out’- I’m not telling you how I voted, that would be far too much of a breach of privacy.

So let’s take a step back, look at this with a sharp and clear eye, and move this country to a clear and responsible future.

That’s all we can do, isn’t it?

I saw it coming, that’s the view of this humble scribbler. In fact, I warned the Matron of what was in the cards. Out, out and out again. I waited in the wings and saw what was happening to the first UK results and from then on I knew what was taking place. It makes you wonder what all the high-brow politicians were thinking, doesn’t it just!

It was all about the council estates and the working class, and don’t you let anyone tell you it was anything else. I’ve been reading about the European Union for a few years now, and this was the only conclusion I could be reasonable reach.

Who says reading is not much use to you?

I don’t know where I’d be – without the caustic intelligence of books!



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