Evening Post

“Get a grip do your job.”

Leanne Wood criticises Labour for being absent on key votes for Wales. Not a bad assessment on the Assembly’s on the ruling elite’s performance. Recently, amendments to the Wales Bill were again debated in the House of Commons and the few Labour MPs abstained again on what is Welsh Labour Policy, this time on what is devolved policing.

“It seems that Labour MPs have they have no problem turning up for powers devolving policing in Greater Manchester, but they can’t bring themselves to support devolving the same to Wales.

“The Labour party’s inability to stand up for Wales, is letting the Tories off the hook.”

Now, not a bad description of the Labour party’s political chaos. Right now it seems to be all mouthy insult, general distemper and what……nothing? It needs to bring itself together (I’m not betting on it) and have some tea and cakes if you ask me.

As if Plaid isn’t laying down the law, the leader of the Conservatives Andrew R T Davies, is having a go too. Labour’s ‘narrow tribalism’ is his hit for the day and heaven help anyone who steps in and say otherwise. “Like their colleagues is London” he says, “Welsh Labour are bereft of ideas and leadership, and suffering from a lack of direction. Most new governments want to get off to a flying start, but Carwyn Jones want to use Brexit as a smokescreen. That’s why there is no absolutely no excuse for Carwyn to lay down a programme of government before we head in to the summer recess. Sadly, he has slammed the door in the face of cross-party co-operation over Europe, and his attitude of hostility to the result is in danger of becoming counter-productive.”

That’s Welsh politics for you…..or English?!

Have you ever tried driving through Swansea town? I have, and I must say it was an experience never to be missed. I ended up in Mount Pleasant of all places. It has something to do with all these one-way systems apparently – the Council doesn’t anticipate a one-way mind however.

I drove from East-West and noticed the driven skulduggery of the East – poetic nightmare of the first order. There was a happy view from some houses and a miserable sight for some of the others. Swansea Town in all its glory.

I kept driving on, not knowing where I was going too (one-way again) and enjoyed the dismal but laughable fight going on between the houses. It was a battle for survival and I looked on with wary eyes.

Who will win and who will lose? Perhaps some money will come from somewhere, I don’t know where though.

You know, I’ve lived in various parts of the UK. From London to Bury St. Edmunds, Birmingham and every other part in between. I’ve lived a lively life but at 60, I now wake up to an absence of cars and modern facility.

What a pity on you, I hear some of you say. And I also hear some of you bemoan the fact that I don’t bother with social media – I can’t understand this but there you are. I wake up to the baa-baa of sheep and the grisly moan of distempered cows. Not a bad life and one that certainly beats the chaos of modern living.

I’m content in my semi-rural existence but look out when I travel up to London. A state within a state, trying to tell us all what we should do. It never used to be like this this – 30 years ago anyway.



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