Evening Post

Jeremy Corbyn may be a long time serving politician but he’s had plenty of years of it – who wouldn’t be after the length of time he’s got under his belt! The thing is he’s pandering to the far left of the Labour party and not its core voters. Wrong? Well, you might say it shows a distinct lack of personal courage or on the other hand, you might it feel it shows a degree of abject distinction of the other.

Either way Labour is in a maelstrom of confusion and back biting – not the only party here.

We haven’t had a Corbynite show of hands where the referendum is concerned have we? So what do we do about this?

The answer is simple. Nothing. Jeremy Corbyn has laid his hands bare on umpteen occasions – he’s a consummate European hacker and all to the good one might say. Why doesn’t he come out and say it and have done with it, after all the voter has their say and regardless of previous political thinking – not a bad thing you might be suspecting!

He’s anti-European and good luck to him, so let the electorate decide.

This will certainly help the Labour Association critics if not the general parliamentary bods but nothing venture nothing gained. They can be a run lot but they’re entitled to have their say no matter what, so what about it Jeremy?

I haven’t made up my mind yet, I‘ll let you know when I do…….on second thoughts. Chance would be a fine thing!

I lost my greyhound this week. She went beyond her sell by date, so I can’t really complain. She was the Matron’s dog (although, I used to look after her most of the time, when her mistress was out enjoying herself, that’s the stay at home master that I am!).

Anyway, she not there in the morning and she’s not there when the other mutt likes to charge at the gates. I often find that I’m looking for another dish to put her dog food in but there we are, that greyhounds for you. Lithe and sleek and always running faster than me – always missing that something one could say.

She was an ignorant and disgracefully fretful dog, disliked the lighting, disliked me but all the same I miss her.

She gone now up to the heaven made for dogs, I hope she likes it there.

She deserves it.

Talking of dogs, once when I lived in Bury St. Edmunds, I had a rather caustic relationship with a Rottweiler. She was a beauty it must be said, and soft as the lights burning on the Mumbles Bay – that’s all caught you dog haters out hasn’t it?

Mind you she wasn’t so soft when the postman came around. He’d put a letter through the front door and she was off tearing the thing to pieces. She had a thing about postmen, can’t remember what exactly and I ended up putting one of those lock up things at the front gate – anything for enjoying the tranquil retreat of a bucolic hinterland.

Anyway, so there you have it. Me and my dogs (there’s couple more of them!) and I’ve had everyone when it came to the crunch, put down – not too early either.

I’ve loved my dogs, I don’t go on about them but life is always a chance isn’t it?



One thought on “Evening Post

  1. Aww!….poor dog 😦 …..greyhounds always remind me of Anubis.

    I just loved Emily Thornberry’s reaction on the BBC referendum night special. 🙂

    PS Can’t wait for the Chilcot report to come out on July 6th. 🙂 The Labour Party are better than any soap saga on the telly. 🙂

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