Steel- Evening Post

Swansea Bay research centre “the foundation upon which to build the future steel industry”- that’s assuming we have one?

Plaid Cymru makes the case for a Swansea University steel research and development centre.

Well Plaid does have some good ideas, so mock ye not when they come up with something worthwhile.

Bethan Jenkins AM said:

“Figures from Swansea University that show the cost for establishing a fully realised steel research and development centre on the new Innovation Campus would be £5.2 million in the first year, and £17 million over the next four years. The Welsh Government needs to move now and help the University develop this centre to give potential investors and steel workers some certainty for the future.”

That’s fine, but will the Welsh Government do anything about it?

Doubtful, it’s got its hands full of complaints for the Welsh language commissioner on these new legal regulations (the Commissioner is not inclined to be interviewed on this) and everything else come to think of it, so nice try Plaid but I somehow don’t think you’re going get away with it.

You the voters might try to slice Plaid up but it’s got some new policies which shouldn’t be scoffed at. Apart from anything else, better Plaid than old/new Labour?

All in all, as predicted, we have a new and disabled form of Welsh Government. What the AMs’ are all going to do about this heavens knows.

Thank you Lord, I am not sitting in the Welsh senate of political deliberation. Three million   against a total of sixty three odd souls, certainly not!


That twistable bliss called marriage – I think I’ve written this in a book somewhere! And I bet there’s some of you which will agree with this comment….although not agree, depending on your inclination.

Is it twistable? Marriage that is. There are some of us that go in for it time and time again (two is my personal limit!), and others who stay put with just the one husband and good luck to them I say.

We have to accept that personalities change and alter (God help the young ones who marry before they’ve got under starters orders) and let’s hope these manic changes do not happen whist we enjoy this marital bliss!

Marriage is about commitment, and let not anyone tell you it isn’t. Commitment to life and death, unhappy and happy circumstance and everything that goes along with it.

I’m actually content with my twistable bliss called marriage!


I was talking with an expert on matrimonial discourse the other day. An ‘expert’ you understand – we’ve got plenty of ‘em around at the moment. Anyway, he was of the view that marriage falls into two sections: The ones where everyone is nice to each other and the ones where there is total turmoil.

Well, me and the matron fall into the latter category and are quite happy in our condition.

So, that’s two categories. Two mind you. I don’t know what’s happened to the other thousands, but there we are he answered my question nevertheless.

I don’t know where you stand on expert opinion but as far as I am concerned they can all to—–damn, you know what I mean.

For all that, after all the shouting is done, we go bed, cuddle up, kiss ‘Goodnight’ and go to sleep.

How many ‘experts’ can do that?


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