Evening Post – 20.5.16


I thought I would start by saying something about ‘writing’. There’s any number of writers out there who moan about writers block – I can’t say I’ve had any experience of this, I don’t often run out of ideas, tough if I did! The ‘blocking’ is of is of a mind of its own, you just can’t write.

Well, is this counter- productive or just another modern day creation?

I say it’s a part and parcel of a new, shiny and the inexplicable ‘we want everything now or you had better shut up about it’ syndrome. Don’t you agree? This is my point and I’m sticking to it!

Writing is about you and the reader, if it’s about something else, you’ve got it wrong. How do the characters pan out, what is going to happen, what’s the plot about? All important, all essential. I’ve got six novels published (Amazon and all full and trial and tribulation!) and one sitting with Canadian publishers. Hum drum nonsense or works of genius. Different readers have altering opinions but the thing is, no-one knows until the end of the story how it’s to going to conclude.

Hum drum or genius?

Frankly, I don’t know which it is. I just get on the write the thing and that’s all there is to it. I don’t go into a ‘depression’ about a book, I don’t go up the wall with it, come to think of it, I am all rather tidy about it! There are some of us who take little time and some of us that take years. I’m of the ‘little time’ brigade, far too impatient. But and here’s that thing, does how much time you take to write a novel, say 80,000 to 100,000 words, really count?

I think not.

There’s so much garbage going around the local boozers about writing (actually make that coffee shops), that it makes one want to give up before the keypad is booted up. Not me I hasten to add. I take no notice of such gobble kook. Write on and bore some poor soul to death and God help the consequences. Well, if they can’t judge genius when it’s thrown in their faces, I don’t know what God can do, do you?

Now if all this makes you suicidal, I’m sorry (I am not actually but is sounds good doesn’t it?). Take heart, scribble on, and damned to the negative soothsayers. What do they know anyway? Actually, I seem to be making suspicious predictions here, who are the readers? You might like to answer this one yourselves, that will put the blocks on anything I’ve written above.

I’ve no trouble writing a column or two (it’s taken me a bit longer than normal!) but a book?……….No thanks, I simply can’t concentrate enough.

And what was I saying about novel writing?

It just go to show what a crazy business this ‘writing’ is. One denotes a few lines on something, one deludes, one chances and all in the name of what? Some outrageous dictum on the merits of life…or death, depending on what mood you are in!



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