Corbyn – Evening Post 6.5.16

What crisis?

This is Jeremy Corbyn’s answer to the recent turmoil hitting his party. An answer that could be interpreted as clever or dare I say it, utter nonsense. Whatever your view is, the Labour party is undergoing a process of extremes. Centre Left to Left of Left?

“An extraordinary still rumbling on, indulged the Labour Party yesterday,” the words of Andrew Neil and on his Politics Show last Friday. Ken Livingston maintained that Hitler supported Zionism in support of his policy and anti-Semitism was not quite the same as racism.

“People will be unbelieving in what they are hearing in British politics,” thus the intervention of Andrew Neil. It was ever thus as they say.

A rare outburst from one of Labour’s finest. ‘You Nazi apologist’ and “it’s so grotesque to say so,” Labour MP John Mann, had a blazing row with said Ken and all caught on camera. Ian Watson said Ken Livingstone enjoyed spending “more time with his much loved reptiles than the press.” Wonderful you might think? There were two thinkers on the show and both occupying different corners of the argument. One scribbling for the Spectator and one occasionally for the Guardian and The Independent.

Well, they got into a right hue and cry about the incident and that was that. All very good – how will this affect the Labour voting? Now, all you loyal and passionate Labour supporters, are going to be slightly put off by all this (none of the political parties are any different where racism is concerned) but what will you do?

This is being put down to the supporters of Labour who joined the party at the last general election. A winsome and outspoken contingent they may well be, but they have a voice and Corbyn is misdirected if he observes the party line. There may be 500,000 or so members but are they, the voting electorate?

They are not the 21st century ‘mark the box’ voters. They have it in for Israeli politicians (what difference does it make if they are ‘Jewish’), and I’ve never thought about the Middle East confusion as anything but total chaos.

These people have it in for Israel full stop – must be upsetting for an Israeli and all other Jews but then unfortunately, that’s freedom of speech for you. Come to think of it, you should read my novel ‘The Silver Songster’!

This is nothing but political trouble making and scurrilous thinking. Albeit that it is having a large scale and serious effect. The Labour party is having to accept the accusations of going far Left and be done. No harm in this, at least for the hard Left of the party but will it prevail worth with the constituent Labour people?

I think not.

Jeremy Corbyn may well be a genuine leader but he has lost sight of the Labour voter? Is it his intent to push far Left policies on a centrist electorate?

Time will tell, I am certain however that the people will continue to say, ‘No, no and no’.

Corbyn has cancelled a visit to Wales to show pre-election support. Some in the party consider this to be a good thing, while others feel he’s a plus to the Labour party. You can make up your mind on this.

Corbyn and the Labour party? We’ll just have to let the clock tick, and see where it gets us.


7 thoughts on “Corbyn – Evening Post 6.5.16

  1. Sadiq Kahn and Jeremy Corbyn, if they can be knocked into a shape that is more in tune with the plastic polystyrene cup politics a demoralised public have come to feel happy with, might represent a dream ticket at the next Election. Outside of Cameron who can the Tories put up who look remotely in touch with the electorate?

  2. “Outside of Cameron who can the Tories put up who look remotely in touch with the electorate?”

    Is Cameron in touch with the electorate? That will depend on the outcome of the EU referendum.

  3. Good speech I have to admit. Q & A session was good too.

    At some point you have to give up on Welsh parochial politics.

    Leanne Wood has said: “that while many legitimate questions and concerns had been raised regarding the need for specific reforms within the EU, these are far outweighed by the benefits to Wales’ agricultural sector, higher education institutions and transport infrastructure”

    Come on Leanne, we all know that the benefits you say we have from the EU are all paid by the British taxpayer. Britain puts in 20 Billion and gets 10 Billion back.

    Leanne you are completely laughable – economics was never your forte.

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