Evening Post 22.4.16

I’m going to make you grind your teeth with some politico thinking!

It’s the Assembly Member appointments in a few weeks’ time, so I had better stand up and be counted – not that I’m telling you how I’m voting, that really would be too much!

Well, I’ve had a couple of conversations with Andrew R T Davies, Kirsty Williams, Leanne Wood and the leader of UKIP – they’re not allowed to call themselves ‘AM’s’ at the moment for obvious reasons. Be that as it may, the point is I was trying to find out was where the parties lay, in other words in spite of all the other news hitting the headlines – God help all the internet users and I am one of them!

They were all to the point and (no pause or the like) no shenanigans. Andrew RT as usual was up for a fight. Leanne Wood ready and willing. Kirsty Williams playing a steady hand but I’m not so sure about Nathan Gill (UKIP). No extremism on either side apart from the Tories claiming they were ‘soft left’, their Conservatives and so there. Funny that?

We got down to the real business of Welsh political thinking.

Davies was full of it, the Tories were the only way etc etc  Andrew RT backed this up with a hob nailed boot. Wood was having none of it, socialism rules and that’s that and look out any of you who try to suggest otherwise. Williams was more gentle about it (we might give her a try) but we might have changed government in the past few years and UKIP was well, out and out immigration.

All the opposition parties have worthy policies, the trouble with Leanne Wood she might well have lots of charm but she can’t get away with hating the Tories, so this may well lead to a coalition of Labour and Plaid. Not good.

The Lib Dems? Let’s hope they do better than Westminster and—— UKIP? There, any bets are simply wild but who knows.

All in all, we’re faced with a conglomeration of political chaos – I’m sticking with this come what may. And I can’t see any party coming up with a noble view, at least a view that no-one has heard before.

I stated that 17 years is a long time of the same governing party. From the beginning to the end as we see it now. It is a time for a change in whatever direction and I hope this will see Wales gird it loins and run up to the success wire.

One can but hope. When you think about it, ‘hope’ is the last word in the Welsh lexicon.

The ‘click click’ brigade is running faster than their tails can carry them and the news is overtaking them. I genuinely feel we cannot get a grip no matter how hard we try and the world just passes us old ones by.

This a hard fact, but nevertheless a fact.

Vote for whom you like or fancy and hold your breath. The race has stated, the riders have got the mettle between their teeth and who knows where they are going? We must lead, we must give them a pitch, but it’s no use sitting before the fire waiting.

It’s now or never – God help us if we wait, the clock is ticking!

Wake up, it’s time to vote!

Labour? I can’t write a thing about the party as they won’t send me anything. You must make up your own minds.


3 thoughts on “Evening Post 22.4.16

  1. Labour are finished in Scotland and England.

    Welsh “clear red water” Labour are worse than Ken Livingstone. Carwyn and Welsh Labour are anti-Welsh, how can they keep following an education policy that gives Welsh children a third rate education? Isn’t keeping children from having a decent education a form of child abuse?

    Why do people in Wales keep voting for Welsh Labour? – Sexist land of my fathers philosophy?

    Women in Wales demand a decent education for our children!!!

    The future of a country is it’s next generation.

    PS… Great speech by Daniel Hannan at the Spectator EU debate…

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp6FZ-V8w_8 🙂

  2. Nice to see our Celtic cousins in Cornwall keeping up the old tradtions.


    I’m not sure but I read somewhere that paganism and infidelism (or is that atheism, I always get the two of them mixed up) are the fastest growing religions in Wales. Why not have a RAINBOW COALITION of paganism, christianity and atheism. A new holy trinity for a new Wales of the 21st century!

    Anyway, I never liked that Livingstone, I knew he was a commie but an anti-SemiteI too! Well I hope Ken hasn’t got anything against witches or druids. That would really cause a bit more clear red water between Carwyn and the failing British Labour Party.

    Let our thoughts go out to Eros the Wizard and his family.

    Let’s pray to Arawn that the standards in the Welsh education will get better.

    ….and remember! Only after Christian conversion, did the Welsh look on the underworld as hell.

    all the best

    Druid Alban

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