Evening Post 8.4.16

Have you noticed (you must have done!) how all this doom is placed on our unsuspecting shoulders? Alzheimer’s, senility, cancer of God knows what, obesity and general ill-health is threatened with a stick and not a carrot.

Never mind the doctors, it’s all around us whether we like it or not. Come to think of it, I was rang up the other night by a doc friend of mine, we exchanged views and decided that we’re all going bonkers on health issues – whatever they are.

The fundamental problem is this: We are all expected to be immortal and any ‘health’ problem is treated as such. You know, I sit on the bus and all I hear is stories about GP’s and the NHS. Now, we all know the difficulties that the system faces, no nursing staff, no doctors etc but does one have to listen to it on a daily basis?

Try answering that one!

I am reminded of a session I spent with a psychologist not so long ago, a pretty little thing, restored my faith in the medical professional. I sat there and pondered, well I could have had a go at that 10 or maybe 15 years ago but then I realised with a withered face, what’s the point is trying now?

I’m a no-go for anyone else (apart from my darling wife, who says that marriage is done for?

), so that’s the medical class for you!

It’s all about accepting age and what comes with it, and frankly that’s where I stand. Not pulling my punches am I? Certainly not, I’ll go when my numbers up and that’s all there is to it!

I hope to God it’s not too painful though, now that really is carrying the banner too far.

TVR, until now the ex-motor mechanics, have stated that they are setting up in Wales – with Welsh government support. Or is this a grant or is it a subsidy….no-one knows as the Welsh administration won’t say anything. This is on top of the steel industry which is in terminal decline, no buyers yet and nationalisation? I know the answer to this one.

Now the thing with all this is, is the taxpayer being made fully aware of what’s going on?


The Welsh government gets away with all kinds of questionable decisions and is the voter aware of it? More so now, as the election in May is likely to be overwhelmed by national torpor.

It is time for the Welsh to speak up, never mind the politicos, vote for whom you want to see in the Senate. That’s if there is anyone, it’s up to you.The next Welsh government must rebuild a relationship with creative industries, instead of a “knuckle-headed philistine fashion”, so said Professor Dai Smith, the outgoing chairman of the Welsh Arts Council. He goes on, “….it shows a lack of joined up thinking and the next Welsh government will need to rebuild the relationship with TV and film companies, as well as the Arts Council itself.”

Oooh a bit rough, although it would help if the Arts Council would stop giving grants to no-hope writers on the Welsh no-hope book shelves, would it not? The ACW has a talent for investing in the long term future, but nobody has heard of the writers it supports.

Funny that.

It needs to up its game, up its grant structure and up its raison d’etre. This way it will cease to amuse, what is salt for the aficionados isn’t necessarily salt for the game-changers.





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