Evening Post Column 25.3.16

You have to admit, all this politicking and say yes or no is becoming a little tedious. I’ve given up on Daily Politics and Newsnight for a week or so anyway – I can’t stand hearing about Syria or European mishmash for much longer!

But the thing is (I can’t help myself), I was drawn to some press releases the other day. It was all about smoking and that diverse use of e-cigarettes. The latter does one little harm and the former is a passport to death and humiliation,

A fine mix.

“Labour are totally misguided on their war on e-cigarettes and in the end their arrogant attempt to force a ban through were thwarted.” So said Darren Millar (Conservatives). And Kirsty William (Lib Dems) maintained, “Illiberal Labour are wrong to try and ban e-cigs.”

And the best bit is, that all these parties are trying to gain power in the Assembly elections – which is debateable considering all the fuss that is going on in Syria and the European scrap.

In my view, and it is certainly mine, Labour is running scared with Jeremy Corbyn in tow and meanwhile the Welsh Tories, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and UKIP are after ‘em in no uncertain way. What goes on in London, eventually stirs up Welsh passion and it’s time for some for political debate – or something.

I don’t know what this ‘something’ is, but at least it’s a suggestion of the Welsh putting their backs into it or maybe a foot or two.

Me? I’m just watching and observing. I can’t help wondering though, if the Welsh are indeed up to some name calling and personality bashing? I would stand on my lonely soap-box and rant and rave but no one wold be listening.

That’s politics for you!


“Fashion.” That’s all we hear these days.

It’s in the newspapers, on the telly, in magazines and just about anywhere else you can direct your sly glance too. The other morning I was sauntering around Swansea town – not an illuminating occupation I can tell you- and I took a look at the fashionable people walking past me.

The young men were wearing a monstrosity called a haircut, the women looked as if they had spent a night in a skip and the general overall ‘trendiness’ around me made me walk into the nearest bar!

Now, I’m a chords and tie man and this hasn’t changed for 40 odd years, maybe this “fashion” thing has just slipped passed me (like just about everything else), although I don’t have to worry about social media stuff.

Time for a change? I don’t think so, the young don’t read anyway.


Leek and blue cheese gratin, truffle egg ‘blondie’, who on earth makes this lot up? I was taking a look at a cook book the other day, my darling wife’s not mine I hasten to add, and there was this bumph on what to do with leeks and ‘blondies.’

I’ve never seen the like of it turn up on a plate of mine that for sure. That’s all the wife does is go to the supermarket and buy it ready cooked, that’s if it’s available…..? Better watch out here, the missus might looking over my back!

Anyway, I’ve often wondered what all this cooking nonsense is all about? Programmes on how to dice and slice etc It’s just another way to con the public into buying something that they really don’t want.

Here we go, you must have, you must have……. and to hell with the bank balance.


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