Evening Post Column 4.3.16

I’M back! Not so sure about the content, but there we are, we live and learn. I’ve taken a few months about it but here I am. What are you going to vote in the in or out referendum on Europe?

An interesting question, because neither politician nor layman knows the truth about how to answer it.

Do we follow the government line and ignore what we really think or do we follow the anti-European approach and treat them likewise?

It’s all a confounded mess — just as the European project is, come to think of it.

It seems to me, that all we receive are contradictory statements from the in or out brigade which does nothing but raise confusion.

We have journalists (who don’t forget have full bellies and shelter for the night) pontificating and eulogising about immigration, politicians whose main objective is getting in for another session and, on top of all this, all and sundry telling we voters what to do!

You have to admit, it’s all a ‘confounded mess’.

Schengen is in tatters and European co-operation is on the slippery slope (we won’t go into the fish angle here), everyone is arguing with everyone despite the falsity of friendliness that is shown for the cameras and to cap it all, the Union leaders want to duff up everyone else come what come may. All in all it’s a whitewash of European conviviality and, come to think of it, it’s back to fight and see where it will get you.

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but one thing I am certain of: I shall not be taking on board all the idiot’s lantern garbage that is thrown at us every day.

Do you need to shout ladies, you’ve got it all!

AS you can imagine, I’ve been watching a bit of TV lately (the idiot’s lantern). My brain hasn’t been up to much, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Now before all you anti-Ruck lot start, I just thought I would write something that will get you all going.

Have you noticed how the idiot’s lantern is going all female-friendly?

Marriages between different races, women doing all the things men used to do and men doing all the cooking in the matrimonial home, etc. Now I can understand all this (albeit I’m of a different generation), but isn’t there a tad of extremism about all this? I mean I don’t know any ‘man’ who exercises this new and liberal homely attitude (although there are some) but then I suppose I’m just outdated.

Ladies, you’ve got it all, is there any need to shout about it?

Multi-everything society is everywhere – except reality

I’VE lived all this country, from London to Birmingham and Bury St Edmunds in between, and I remain slightly foxed by all this banking advertising.

Multi-racial marriages, multi-sexed combinations and multi-multi-I- don’t-know-what-else-to-call-it relationships.

The thing is, I’ve lived in multi-racial societies and generally most people stick to their own and who can blame them? Quite right too. Sikhs stick with Sikhs and Muslims stick with Muslims, etc. They share a common religion, culture and tradition and they’re bound to gravitate to their own, just as Christians do (mind you, according to the media there’s not much of these around).

I’ve been with a Sikh girlfriend and many other nationalities in my time and, all in all, a coming together is good for the soul but will the parents wear it?

Time will tell, I hope I live long enough to see it.

Julian Ruck – novelist, broadcaster and political commentator

Visit Julian’s website: www.julianruck.co.uk

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2 thoughts on “Evening Post Column 4.3.16

  1. Hello Julian, So good to see you back and on form. I have kept up with your progress through Lyn. Like you I have not made up my mind how to vote in EU referendum. It would appear that young people are in favour of staying in, and as the future is more theirs than mine maybe that’s the way I’ll go.. Anyway keep us aware of your thoughts on various issues; always interesting. Best wishes. Sandra.

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