Bill Ruck in Quebec

Now I understand what General Wolfe went through!

You need a load of mountaineering kit to get to the top of Québec, although I have to say the railway station really is quite something, frankly I’ve never seen anything like it.

Cleaner than my wife’s dishwasher and more tranquil than a shindig in a Catholic church. As for the public toilets, damn they make you feel like royalty!

Tomorrow I’m giving a lecture on ‘Creative writing and all that Codswallop’. In other words, you either can or you can’t and don’t waste your bucks on all these idiotic ‘Creative Writing’ courses.

Con jobs all of ’em, and as for being a ‘Master’ in the wheeze God help us, even Micky Mouse would think twice before trying this one on!

Oh and a great many similarities between the Parti Quebecois and Welsh language fanatics – only in reverse. Now there’s a thought, imagine if the English speaking majority in Wales started trying on the same antics as the Parti Quebecois? The Welsh Language Directorate really would have something to wail about then.



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