Gower loss highlights Labour’s struggles – Evening Post 29.5.15

Gower has always been smart set ‘Gaa’ for as long as I can remember, so why the surprise at it finally going Tory one is compelled to ask?

You’d certainly be hard pressed to find a copy of the Guardian curling up on one of its beaches anyway. Actually I take that back, Guardian readers do appear from time to time in the frothy coffee houses situate along the Mumbles sea front, said newspaper always on display for all to see and announcing how gloriously intellectual, superior and full to the brim with heartrending empathy and social conscience they are.

It didn’t get them very far this time around though did it?

And what about UKIP? Wasted votes all round, as I predicted, for all the steam and xenophobic outcry. One MP, the odd scrap, a pint of bitter and minus zero power in Parliament.

To those who voted for ‘em, serves you right.

The Lib Dems? A pity, but this is what happens when you get a bit too promiscuous. They should have been a little more discerning about whom they hopped into bed with. Never mind, politics is all about ‘another day’ if nothing else. Some of Hugh Gaitskell’s “We will fight, and fight and fight again’ must now be the order of the day for the Lib Dems or its death by a thousand cuts make no mistake..

Plaid Cymru’s left wing independence agenda is in a coma and in Gower at least, Old Welsh Labour’s socialism with a capital ‘S’ has finally hit the deck.

Following the election result, the real political fallout for Wales however, must be:

How will the Welsh vote at the Welsh Assembly elections next year and will the Welsh finally do something about this one party State that has been failing Wales for years?

The election result has undoubtedly shown a swing to the Tories in Wales and one wonders if this will be  repeated next year when our AM’s start fighting for a piece of the Welsh political landscape?

The Welsh National Health Service has become the new five star trolley service in the UK – that’s if you can book an ambulance to take you to the hospital in the first place?

Welsh education is in freefall and the most lamentable in Europe.

Wales continues to be a grant junky and has an economy that makes Albania look like another Singaporean miracle. Not even a book on bus operators in North Wales is published here without the taxpayer paying for it (true too!).

Since devolution in 1997, this is all the Welsh Labour government has managed to achieve.

On the General Election, the BBC’s Nick Robinson said,” An election firing squad has felled Labour leaders.” Will his metaphorical firing squad re-load when it comes to the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections?

You the readers, will soon have an opportunity to decide one way or the other.



2 thoughts on “Gower loss highlights Labour’s struggles – Evening Post 29.5.15

  1. Think you missed out the SNP in your summary of the 2015 GE.


    I think the Kippers are looking towards the 2020 GE and will get representation in the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections.


    The Conservatives were actually down a percentage point in Wales and the Kippers were up 12%. Actually, all parties except UKIP were down in Wales.

  2. To get the corrupt Welsh Labour out, Wales needs UKIP. They are not afraid to speak out and get the truth across. Labour are being rejected In the North of England, North East Wales and the South Wales valleys – UKIP are consistently gaining ground in these areas.

    Labour have had their day. The people of Wales might have a 3rd rate education forced on them by Labour, but they are street wise and can see how corrupt Welsh Labour are.

    Let’s all pull together and get rid of the: out of date, incompetent and corrupt Welsh Labour Party.

    Let’s go forward to a new and democratic future.


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