General Election aftermath – Evening Post Column 1.5.15

What conclusions can one draw from the General Election results?

Firstly, the whole devolution project has done nothing but turbo charge the evils and insularities of nationalism both here, in Scotland and in England. If we are not extremely careful, the people of this country will face a future of division, instability and a doomed philosophy of hate thy neighbour come what may.

Yet again, nationalism seems hell-bent on coming back to torture us.

Secondly, the London metropolitan elites ie the know all political pundits, columnists, commentators and media haven’t the faintest idea how the real world and real people operate outside their smug, self-important and deluded redoubts.

None of them seriously considered the voting dynamics of the Scottish referendum. For the record I did, which is why I resisted predicting the result and wasn’t the least bit surprised at the Tories winning a majority.

As I wrote in the Post: ‘We need one party rule at best……..’

Thirdly, ‘Polls’ once again have proven to be a waste of space and money.

The Brits are a fundamentally moderate lot. We tend toward Blairite capitalism with a caring hand, albeit that Blair started this devolved nightmare which in fairness, he came to regret. We don’t like far left or far right political agendas and any party that veers toward either will ultimately be punished.

This is one particular characteristic that distinguishes us from the rest of Europe.

Ed Miliband went too far left, the Liberals were too liberal.

British voters tend to vote for financial security and political certainty. This is precisely what happened in Scotland last year, but this time around no-one was looking, least of all our smart-set London soothsayers.

Guardianista intellectual razzmatazz doesn’t quite cut it with the people does it? But then, neither does Newsnight, Daily Politics……



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