The debate on this thorny subject will no doubt continue for many years to come.

The issue is both complex and provocative, however on this occasion allow me to consider immigration in respect of Wales.

In my view, the sooner Wales is ‘swamped’ with immigrants the better. It is in dire need of new talent and diverse thinking, of whatever colour or hue. The insular and chronically parochial mantras of Welsh ‘identity’ and nationalist delusion are in dire need of an uncompromising kick up the arse.

Bring on immigration I say, and Wales might just be in with a chance.

PS The Welsh language hob-nobs might not like it, you know, the diminution of their language which they are always banging on about but what the hell, welcome to the 21st century!


3 thoughts on “Immigration?

  1. Wales is part of the UK.

    Welsh Labour want to be in the EU.

    Plaid Cymru want to become independent and want be in the EU.

    New talent, diverse thinkers,are all welcome in Wales from the EU.

    Wales takes the cash from the EU – it must also take EU immigrants.

  2. Why I have had enough of Scottish and Welsh nationalists:

    Atul’s latest article: Nationalist thugs in Scotland will boost Scottish Labour’s vote:

    I spelt out the rationale behind my voting intentions commenting on this article:

    Hope all is well – miss your “Letter from Wales”. ( It certainly got all the Welsh nationalists out! )

    Take care and hope to see you back on “Uncut” sometime.

    PS…Do you think the Druids are behind the cockerel incident?

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