Nationalist Welsh speaking BBC Wales impartial ? Ha! Ha!

It’s a war of words:


9 thoughts on “Nationalist Welsh speaking BBC Wales impartial ? Ha! Ha!

  1. Abolish the wasteful Welsh language tax. Invest the money in the NHS. Aneurin Bevan will be turning in his grave at the misuse of Welsh taxpayers money.

    “No-one could exactly call Aneurin Bevan a fan of devolution.”

    “Bevan believed that Welsh culture did not depend on speaking Welsh.”

    Quotes supplied by Leighton Andrews, assembly member for the Rhondda.

    At least there is someone who cares about the NHS in Wales.

    “I stick by what I’ve said about the dangers in Wales,” Mr Cameron said.
    “The facts are there, that people have been dying on waiting lists because they haven’t been able to get the treatments they want, partly because of cuts made to the NHS in Wales by the politicians in Cardiff.”
    Increased spending on the NHS in England had resulted in extra money for the Welsh government, under a funding formula, Mr Cameron said.
    “The Welsh politicians have made a conscious decision not to use that money for defending the funding of the NHS in Wales… they’ve decided to spend it elsewhere.”

    Given a choice of letting the people of Wales die or the Welsh language die. I think Anuerin Bevan would have chosen the latter.

  2. Leighton Andrews looks like a real psycho. He didn’t like criticism of his Coco Pops scheme. Assessment to reading apparently takes second place to Coco Pops with this guy.

    Jeez……and he is education minister? No wonder Welsh education is so bad.

    • It is worse than bad, it is an utter disgrace but more to the point, young Welsh schoolchildren are being given a fourth class and totally uncompetitive education.

      They are being cheated and failed miserably. Last year the BBC rang me up to ask me my views on the Welsh ‘brain drain’.

      You can imagine my response?!

      And as for the nauseating, nationalist fantasy that Welsh medium schools provide a superior education, what utter drivel. They are all substandard, as plainly evidenced by the PISA and Estyn reports.

      Frankly, if I had young children, I wouldn’t let them go anywhere near a Welsh school, be it Welsh or English medium.

      Full stop.

  3. Leighton Andrews seems to have completely lost the plot. He apparently resigned because of not agreeing with his own policies.

    From his resignation letter to Carwyn Jones :

    “I am proud of the steps which we have taken which will strengthen the education system in Wales from schools through to higher education, including our new literacy and numeracy framework, the School Standards Act, the creation of a smaller number of stronger higher education institutions and our new HE policy, the Welsh Language strategy and the steps we are taking to establish Qualification Wales as the core of a modern qualifications system for Wales.”

    The Welsh Language strategy – Welsh Labour have become the Welsh Nationalist Party in sheep’s clothing.

    You can’t trust Welsh Labour with education, that’s for sure.

    Leighton Andrews’ constituents should get rid of him, he must be such an embarrassment to them.

  4. Some good news?

    The Jobs Growth Wales programme is a celebrated success.

    Ed Miliband has highlighted the Welsh government’s Jobs Growth Wales programme during his visit to Nantgarw near Caerphilly. After a joint meeting of the Shadow cabinet and the Welsh cabinet, the Labour leader will address staff at the GE Aviation aircraft engine plant.
    The scheme shows a Labour government delivering for young people right across Wales by helping them onto long-term careers so they can play their part in society. A future Labour Government in Westminster will ensure that those who don’t have the skills they need will be in training not on benefits, and will guarantee paid starter jobs for young people who have been out of work for a year. Jobs Growth Wales is an excellent example of how we can ensure young people are at work and in training.


    Oh dear………

    Well… at the least the jobs for the boys creation scheme is still intact.

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