Paul Flynn MP and Prime Minister’s Questions

Today on BBC 2’s Daily Politics, Mr Flynn was waxing with monstrous, self righteous hypocrisy about ‘crude insults’ and Parliament not being a place where people merely choose to be rude to each other.

Well, I nearly reached for the whisky bottle and Marlborough reds!

Last year, I interviewed this hairy, little Parliamentary goblin and received nothing but juvenile, personal insult and undignified denials of documented fact. Indeed post-interview, the gentleman (I use this word with extreme reserve) tweeted with  true playground wisdom that ‘No Labour politician should be interviewed by Julian Ruck!’

Mr Flynn wears the same ancient socialist weeds as all the other delightfully parochial Welsh Labour politicos, be they Assembly or Westminster, and when confronted with any kind of serious scrutiny, it’s the samle old tactics:

Dive for cover and if this doesn’t work, throw a nappied-up hizzy fit but for God’s  sake keep a firm grip on one’s baby rattle and dummy!

NB For the record, I terminated the interview by disconnecting the telephone line for fear of causing permanent damage to my ear drums.


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