To be a student….

The past couple of days I have been thinking about my time as a student – some 40 odd years ago!

Indifference is the first word that comes to mind.

Indeed, those few years of school playground swapping passed with the casualness of a penniless punter looking for something to do in an out of town shopping precinct. Perhaps I had just peaked early in my desperate maturity, as I remember finding the whole business of student life somewhat juvenile and unexciting.

I didn’t join any clubs or societies and I certainly didn’t go on any ‘demos’. I was there simply as a means to an end and let’s get it over with, I had better things to do.

There were girls, but few of the student variety.They weren’t pretty enough and God they always looked so bloody serious, particularly those who were on  a mission to smash up the legal profession’s glass emporiums.

There was none of the emancipating joy of being away from the caring smiles of parental indulgence either. My upbringing had been quite liberal in character, so waywardness from weary eyes was nothing new.

I was just passing through, and I can only conclude that my fading memories of student life are nothing to write home about.

They are just a figment or two in my study, with a kiss or two attached.



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