Kidwellians don’t like traffic lights! Star 5.3.14

It must be the weather or the fact that one can drive from Kidwelly to Carmarthen without encountering one set of traffic lights.

Either way, the temporary road work traffic lights situated in Bridge Street, Kidwelly are definitely challenging the driving skills of its inhabitants. Oh and not to mention a twin set on Station Road; only the other day one driver pulled out of the car park, blocking the whole road and making certain I couldn’t see the lights full stop (and neither could the other driver) – so one of us needs to go to Specsavers and it certainly ‘ain’t me!

Readers will note that there are double yellows on both sides of Bridge Street (not that anyone seems to take any notice) but here’s the thing. With only single lane traffic allowed, people are still parking outside the chemist’s and newsagent’s and thus blocking any kind of traffic at all. Only the other day I had to stop about a mile up from the lights to let drivers pass!

Now you may be thinking that a modest dose of common sense would prevail even when medication is a priority or indeed a packet of fags a necessity; although the medication bit is easily resolved, the chemist runs a door to door delivery service, the fags now……..well…..

Anyway, as far as Kidwellians are concerned, the lights just don’t seem to exist and of course actually walking a few yards really is right out of the question. One can only conclude then, that they are just not used to either. Kidwelly-Carmarthen syndrome perhaps or just plain old ‘law unto ourselves’ small town angst? Who knows?

I must confess though, there have been a few occasions when I have sat back in the driver’s seat and laughed. It could only happen in Kidwelly after all, or maybe the Kidwelly Town Council has something to do with the road works?



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