Can Welsh education get any worse……yes it can!

So, now we have another load of duff exam results.

English this time and naturally Welsh teachers and pupils are moaning about some harsh marking by the WJEC.

A word to the wise if I may. To begin with, the English GCSE exam only counts for 30% of the marks (the other 70% is cop out course work) and since when does an English teacher need to be told about ensuring ‘accuracy’ and ‘sentence structure’???

Well now, how about putting 100% of the marks on exam and no course work? Now this really would sort the men out from the boys and just watch the pass rates really tank if this was to happen.

One thing I am also certain of: If pupils today had to sit the exams my generation had to sit, they would all be having nervous breakdowns before they even got near an exam room!

Oh and today on the Welsh news, a Welsh rugby player has been hauled over the Potty Plaid coals for calling himself ‘British’.

Well just for the record, I describe myself as ‘I don’t give a damn about nationalist labels’ first, British second and European third.


PS And so much for the ‘superiority’ of Welsh medium schools.


2 thoughts on “Can Welsh education get any worse……yes it can!

  1. I agree . Bring back examinations as they used to be. In the course of my career I supervised students studying for vocational qualifications at Swansea University and was very surprised that they were given their exam questions some three weeks before the actual exams. On top of that access to text books in the examination venue. Are we in the mess we are in today because everyone regardless of true ability seem to end of in some kind of college, and many are post academia heading. departments they are not capable of running. It’s a thought.

    • To Yvonne,

      Equal opportunity is a fine principle in itself, but the key is in the word ‘equal’.

      Should this equality be reduced to the level of wholesale mediocrity which therefore annihilates academic excellence and learning?

      And has not the latter now been ‘cast into the mire’?

      Tragically, it is our young who are being cheated with false hopes and expectations of ‘opportunity’ not the vociferous liberal intelligentsia.

      Retail and call centre sectors are awash with graduates regardless of their academic disciplines, as are the dole queues.

      As for ‘Heads of Departments’ and ‘Professors’, some of them have difficulty constructing an articulate sentence and believe me I know, I’ve dealt with enough of them.

      Frankly, they really make me quite nauseous.

      We’ll be having professors of painting by numbers next!


      PS One invigilator at the Cardiff university madrassa, recently told me about an exam candidate who had to ask her what ‘cite examples’ meant?!

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