Like, like and ‘no probs’. Star Column 19.2.14

Now, being a man of modest letters as it were (although I’m not too sure about this, no-one writes ‘letters’ anymore), I have a bit of a thing about English language communication. Indeed there are occasions when its modern day usage drives me to jump and down with self-righteous indignation!

I mean, have you noticed how young ‘uns have become obsessed with the word ‘like’. Not that they are ever comparing anything, please note. It’s just ‘like’ this and ‘like’ that and to hell with any particular meaning. Drives me nuts. I can only assume that amongst our young, it is now considered fashionable and ‘cool’ to sound like a complete twit – although perhaps this is nothing new, after all teenage grunting and fatuous rebellion has been the way of the teenage world for years.

And there all the other copycat outrages that seem to have overtaken meaningful and original speech. For example, the political bywords ‘It’s the right thing to do,’ and that other beauty, ‘Lessons have been learned’….as if!

But the one word that really drives me to distraction is ‘absolutely’. Whenever one views the telly or listens to the radio (and this includes Radio 4), it’s ‘absolutely’, ‘absolutely’ and ‘absolutely’! What’s wrong with ‘most definitely or ‘certainly’ or ‘actually, I’m not a constipated sheep with tongue issues, so I’ll just say ‘agreed’ and be an individual for once.’

And it’s not just the media. Have you noticed that wherever one goes these days everything has become ‘no probs’. Order a cup of coffee somewhere and all one hears is ‘no probs’(well, I should think so, I’m paying for it!), ask almost anything and the reply is always the same, ‘no bxxxxx probs’. Makes me simmer and boil with frustration. The whole of life seems to have become no problem, once again as if?

Well my life, like just about everyone else’s is one big problem (and this of course includes the missus), so I really wish everyone would stop telling me it isn’t!



One thought on “Like, like and ‘no probs’. Star Column 19.2.14

  1. I couldn’t agree more, it drives me mad too. Youngsters today don’t even laugh at funny things any more they just say “LOL” , “Texting” has a lot to answer for too – it takes me five minutes to decipher texts from my Niece and Nephew most of the time…

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