The Arts Council of Wales still at it!

For a more pointed exposure of the farcical self-styled ‘Ambassadors’ of hopeless Welsh literati endeavour, please see:

£25,000 a pop of taxpayers’ hard earned for Welsh poets to improve their skills in America – I’ve always wondered what ‘Award’ winning Welsh poets do all day. Now I know:

They pen poems titled: ‘Oh ye of little faith and how to screweth the taxpayer!’


PS We’ll have to see what my readers at Westminster think about it. The Secretary of State for Wales has been Tweeting my Uncut columns, so there’s hope yet!

You have to admit the arrogance of these people and obscene sense of entitlement is really quite astonishing. I must remind readers that only recently 7 officials (yes, that’s 7), from the Arts Council of Wales went an a Venetian jolly to the Biennale at £2000 (approx.) a head for expenses. All on the taxpayer of course, and all for a Welsh artist exhibiting the recording of a snoring man in a telescope!

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