New Year but no new me! Star column 22.1.14

WELL, New Year’s Day has come and gone and I have every confidence that just about every ‘resolution’ that was made on January 1, 2014, has now been broken.

People are still all fagged up, the beer and wine still flows like never before and it’s still three sugars with a brew and a jam donut.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that hordes of married folk are still rushing off to the lawyers to get divorced. Great time of the year isn’t it?

The missus has advised me that if I continue to offend and ignore her modest orders then I too will be for the divorcing high-jump — nothing new here as it happens, I can wallpaper my study with divorce petitions!

Before I forget, did you know that Carmarthenshire now has three classes of post?

First class, second class and Dyfed-Powys Police Class. It’s true. Dial 101 and the local Bobbies will gladly deliver a letter for you, free of charge too!

You just have to spar with the Spar and you’ll be on their mailing list faster than you can say Robert Peel.

I have a busy year in front of me. A new novel The Silver Songsters, based on a true story about a Welsh lad who became ‘Britain’s greatest boy soprano’ back in 1938, is out in April.

There’s a cruise or two for me and the missus, wherein I give some lectures on political skulduggery and current affairs in exchange for board and lodging — all to do with my political journo stuff.

And there’s also another novel hanging about in the wings.

So the New Year is here and I wish all you Star readers a good ‘un and as much happiness as the Fates will allow.

Happy New Year!

PS It seems my last column ‘Women can’t park’ has raised the odd hackle or two. Well, for the record my Star columns are tongue in cheek and intended to amuse, nothing more, nothing less. As for any ‘sexist’ inclination forget it. I have stated publicly many, many times that if women ruled the world it would be a safer and more peaceful place. Indeed, my books celebrate female kind, their strength and their beauty.

NB This ‘PS’ was published in the Star, I had omitted to include it on this blog.


5 thoughts on “New Year but no new me! Star column 22.1.14

  1. If you are talking about the Spar in Kidwelly, the shop assistants are completely ignorant and know nothing about customer service. ( a bit like the police actually! )

    Co-op is best. Spars are always seedy establishments and why people ever go there beats me.

    Co-op has got a loyalty card too!

    Happy New Year. All loyal customers welcome at the Co-op!

    • Well Owain, I would have felt better if I’d been banned from Waitrose I must admit! Never mind, maybe next time?

      And as you say, I don’t quite understand why people shop at Spar – they are all so expensive too! I went in there to buy some ciggies, which I didn’t pick up having paid for them. It was this that started all the argy bargy.

      All the best,


      PS Never did get my fags either! 16 odd quids worth!

  2. I glad to hear that everything is ‘normal’ ( whatever that is ). I’m glad you’re being prolific with your politicking and your writing. Enjoy the cruises and , personally, I think we’ll be hit by a huge metiorite before your wife dicorces you – I’ve been through three !

    All the best


    • Damn me Robin, that’s quite a score. Don’t tell me, you’re addicted to wedding cake!

      I’m on the sequel now, so you’re ahead of me but then I didn’t marry the first time around until I was 41.

      Too busy enjoying myself!

      All the best,


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