The BBC and the Arts Council of Wales make a mockery of the Welsh language!

I have commented both here and on other media platforms, that since the 2011 Census with its conclusion that the Welsh language is in decline, it wouldn’t take long for that family firm in Cardiff ie BBC Wales, to start a sly campaign of Welsh language promotion on English language television channels – without the consent of license fee payers.

Sure enough and as I predicted, on Tuesday night a programme was broadcast on BBC 2 Wales called ‘Made in Wales – A Bilingual Bank Job.’ Funded of course, by the Arts Council of Wales with taxpayers’ money, as if the ACW hasn’t already turned abusing the taxpayer into an art form (see media coverage etc etc).

As stated many times, I am not against the preservation of the Welsh language and even I despair when Welsh speakers are presented as being primitive, unsophisticated and plain stupid.

For a few seconds on encountering this Bilingual Bank Job programme the other night, I genuinely thought I had inadvertently tuned in to CBeebies. It was so bad, disgracefully inept, juvenile and such a profound, unqualified insult to Welsh culture and Welsh speakers as to plain beggar belief.

No wonder poor old Swansea (my home town) missed out on its City of Culture bid, anyone watching this dire example of a ACW and BBC Wales attempt at Welsh language promotion, must have felt excruciating embarrassment and utter misery at this crude and humiliating onslaught on the reputation of the Welsh and the media image of the language.

Both BBC Wales and the ACW should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for using taxpayers’ money for such a pitiful indulgence in pure ridicule and the almost surgical mutilation of any kind of Welsh cultural urbanity and dignity.

With this Bilingual Bank Job, they have done nothing but denigrate Welsh speakers and make the Welsh language a national laughing stock.

And even I draw the line at this!


PS If Welsh speakers want to preserve their language, for the love of God bring it into the 21st Century and exercise at least a modicum of professionalism about it!


2 thoughts on “The BBC and the Arts Council of Wales make a mockery of the Welsh language!

  1. It’s licence not ‘license’ – if you don’t want the Welsh language imposed on you, fine, but don’t impose the American one on British English speakers.

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