To David Hewson and Steve Mosby.

The following is a comment of mine posted today on Labour Uncut. Readers should go to the website to view my more pointed responses to Mr David Hewson’s and Mr Steve Mosby’s most recent attacks. One can only hope that sooner or later they will either tire or simply allow a modicum of common decency to prevail:

I can understand difference of opinion. I can even understand passionate insult and anger. I have encountered the very worse and indeed the best of human kind in my time. From murderers and Intifada Kalashnikovs to the humour and kindness of Down’s Syndrome youngsters trying to learn how to budget their money.

Usually, hateful vitriol tends to have a short life even in this technological age, indeed it normally comes and quickly goes.

Rarely however, do human beings unknown to each other, embark upon a relentless, year long vendetta of immensely personal hatred and attempted character assassination.

As both you gentlemen well know, in the past I have endeavoured to exercise considerable restraint, as my personal emails to you politely asking that you desist and various internet platforms plainly evidence.

Nevertheless, I am a human being and will sometimes react to provocation on a grand scale.

What astonishes me more than anything else, is why two published authors should persist with such abusive insult and hate for so long?

I cannot even begin to imagine what you actually get out of it? You are not damaging me in any way, shape or form. Indeed my modest writing career is going from strength to strength.

What drives you both? As I say, I can understand a few days of angry insult and difference of opinion but a year of stalking and watching every move I make??

Surely you must have better things to do in your lives, as I have said to you both so many times before, I’m really not worth it.

Do please go away and exorcise whatever demons trouble you somewhere else.

Best wishes and good luck,


PS I can’t imagine that you are endearing yourselves to your readers either and Mr Mosby, the Wikipedia page on me was subject to extreme malice and interference, thus no attempt was made to reinstate it.

NB In the interests of fairness I have removed Ramsey Campbell from the Uncut post. The gentleman has never been vicious, neither has he ever been defamatory. And in the words of Hitchins, ‘like Oscar Wilde, he is not mean spirited and neither is he an Ancient Mariner.’


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