Let’s all go skiing! Star Column 2.10.13

Now, you may have noticed that in recent times we silver surfers have come in for a bit of flack for pinching all the dosh from the generations coming up behind us. In fact, it’s all our fault that the young are so skint. You know, we post war baby boomers exploited free education, a tidy economy and equity rich property purchases etc etc

Well, an article in the Spectator by that uncompromising Warrior Queen of the right, one Melanie Phillips (she also writes for the Daily Mail and whatever your views on the right-wing press you have to hand it to her, she doesn’t pull her punches) recently defended our case in no uncertain terms.

“The cry has gone up: soak the hoarding OAP’s! Look at them! They had free orange juice as children!’ she wails.

“Anyone who has anything that anyone else doesn’t have, doesn’t deserve to have it, the Pinchists argue – even if they have slogged their guts out for it.”

An interesting point of view you must admit, but here’s the thing, as our Melanie points out (my paraphrasing): We old ‘uns weren’t brought up with a Welfare State that provided jam donuts instead of work, we weren’t awarded degrees for knowledge that is non-existent and we didn’t spend our days hard-wired and welded to the mindless ‘preening’ antics of Facebook.

We didn’t believe that the world owes us a living either or produce armies of fatherless children.A bit hard you may think but true nevertheless, as no doubt most of you non-Facebook silver surfers will agree, and let’s face it you are the only folk likely to be reading this column anyway.The young don’t read full stop, and believe me I know.

So, my answer to all this?

Let’s all go skiing (Spend the Kids Inheritance) and let them stand on their own two feet for once.
Then our hard done-by youth may just leave something for their own children to winge about.
On a final note, these days have you noticed how protective and ‘entitled’ young ‘uns are over their ‘inheritance’? When I was young, had I even mentioned anything along these lines to my old man I would have received a boot up the backside – just for the record, he spent all his hard-earned enjoying himself and quite right too.

As far as I am concerned, children are ‘entitled’ to minus zero in respect of inheritance, they haven’t ‘slogged their guts out’ to get it.

God forbid, I had to find my own way!



4 thoughts on “Let’s all go skiing! Star Column 2.10.13

  1. I’m a relatively young person. Check me out, I’m managing to find time to read this blog in-between servicing my rampaging porn addiction and taking ‘selfies’ on insta-wang. (I like to alter brand names at whim, its a generational thing.)
    What I want to say is this; us young-uns don’t begrudge our parents generation for taking advantage of free education or leaving university to find a burgeoning jobs market. Who could blame you for that? What we do take umbrage at is being caricatured and misrepresented by preening, self involved columnists like you. Do you think intelligent young people want to have our qualifications de-valued? Wasn’t our fucking idea, and even if it was – we wouldn’t have been in any position of influence to effect such a shift. We don’t want hand downs, we want meaningful effort to reap meaningful results. Your loathsome whinge of a column flies in the face of hard economic fact – perhaps if the generation that commands the capital – ie YOU – invested in socially useful things, infrastructure and services in the community for low steady returns – instead of creating another housing bubble, getting fat off the rental market and accruing more property – perhaps we’d have a chance. PS – fuck you.

    • Dear Dani,

      And quite right too! Your passion is to be commended, and as it so happens I entirely agree that the dumbing down of the education system is the fault of No 10 Downing Street – more particularly the late Sir Keith Joseph (the main protagonist as it were), Margaret Thatcher and of course New Labour – not yours.

      Good luck,


      PS Forgive me, but shouldn’t that be ‘insta- wank’?

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