Are men turning into Big Jessies? Star Column 27.9.13

A writer writes about the world as he (or she) sees it. These observations are liked by some, hated by others but there we are, a writer can never ever please everyone and this is just the way it should be.

Now, in my time I’ve had many a medical and surgical procedure, from club feet twists and turns to open heart jobs and a good few items in between. Indeed my body (such as it is!) bears a strong resemblance to a National Rail railway map, such are the stitched scars etc plastered all over me – actually you know, women have never seemed to have objected to all these nasty little trials of living, makes ‘em all sympathetic, at least they used to be anyway!

Recently, I was in hospital having what in my view was a minor medical procedure and certainly nothing to write home about, as it were. Not so it seemed. At least where all these young strapping macho, rugby types were concerned.

There they were, gobbling down sedatives, holding girlfriends’ hands and looking as if they were about to face a firing squad!

I have to say, I was astonished. The only time I involve my own missus in anything medical is if I know there really is a risk of me snuffing it, then to be fair she has a right to know what is going on, even if it’s only to discover where my last Will and Testament is located.

So, what do you make of all this?

I suppose one can only observe that apparently these days young men are taking longer to dress than young women, male cosmetics are rapidly catching up with the female variety in sales and to cap it all, these young male pioneers of the modern world are starting to blub in public!

I mean…..Big Jessies or what??

Take all this along with baby-carrying knapsacks, baby bottle stuffed pockets and nappy liners as handkerchiefs and what have you got?

Men are no longer men, and God help all you girls out there!



One thought on “Are men turning into Big Jessies? Star Column 27.9.13

  1. Dear JulianI’m afraid your article was right on the money. I think society wants us to be Jessies so that they can say we’re not that far removed from Queers or pansies ( sorry, homosexuals ). I feel sure that, in the not-too-distant-future the terms male and female will become politically incorrect and we’ll all be Type A humans or B & C for all the LGBTs. Like you, I have been hospitalised a few times and had major surgery. I’ve seen big men faint at the sight of a needle ( even for Heperin in their tummies ) and comlain at every opportunity that there chest is bursting open ( probably like in Alien ). Speaking of tha film, I can’t forgret the sight of Sigourney Weaver in her white nickers and bra climbing into the space suit, before ejecing the beast from the shuttle. Of course, at my age, I’m never called a Jessie, just the usual “pervert” whenever I pass a scantil;y clad female showing her tits and bum in the supermarket. I once replied”Yes Madam, you are quite correct in calling me a pervert – however I haven’t been a practicing one for some years”. You being a younger man have yet to experience the sneers and comments thrown at the old, single pervert/paedophile that they imagine me to be. I, myself am having a scan tomorrow, followed by a rare meeting with my cardiologist to determine the extent of my heart failure, and whether or not I’ll have time to write more stories or even finish my blog. Everyone says “Don’t worry”, but I usually flirt with the nurses and make outrageous jokes about the NHS being a hotbed of lust and immoral behaviour. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to experience this treatment and – after 12.1/2 years I’m still waiting my recall after the rehab nurse said that I could have sex after one month ! Life is cruel at times, but at least I shall defend my manhood to the death.

    Best wishes


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