The Gilbern Invader MK III – A True Welsh ‘Great!’ – Star Column 18.9.13

Well, we did it.

The Gilbern cornered with Ferraris and Lamborghinis, cruised with Bentleys and Jaguar XK 120’s and even beat the odd Porsche or two to the Check-In points.

All great fun apart from my setting myself alight with a rogue fag-end, a car park barrier or two nearly taking our heads off and a few slippery skids to remind us that we were only human after all.

We managed to finish the 2000 odd mile MSA Euro Classic Rally round trip in good order, if slightly exhausted, with the Welsh flag flying in all its glory right up to the doors of a swanky Luxembourg hotel.

France, Belgium, Germany all had a say on the Welsh national colours, although it must be said that Wellington’s ‘Close run thing’ at Waterloo would have been no run thing at all if he’d been waiting for some Welshy boyos to turn up – it took us four hours to find the battlefield and we were only five miles away from it.

So much for Ruck the Navigator!

Dr E L Antony drove and drove with Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey egging him on all the way – we had a domestic or two about these two Welsh stars, I’m more a Puccini and Bonnie Tyler man myself what with being a Swansea Jack, the good doctor is from Pontypridd, so say no more!

He drove like a good ‘un, I just got us lost, but the Gilbern didn’t break down once (much to my surprise!),which is more than can be said for some of the more ferocious and in your face classic jobs.

The highlights of the Rally? Strong beer and bars that didn’t throw you out for having a fag, at least in my view anyway. One noticeable feature of the Rally was the fact that there appeared to be no female classic car owners. A few wives and girlfriends riding shotgun but that was it. Obviously, such activity is beyond the whip of feminist outrage – for now anyway, but who knows?

All in all, we lived a Top Gear dream for a week. The Welsh Gilbern was a credit to Wales and both car and driver are to be congratulated for flying the flag with such determination and panache.

Like I say, we did it!



5 thoughts on “The Gilbern Invader MK III – A True Welsh ‘Great!’ – Star Column 18.9.13

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Are you still doing your business summit talk in Cardiff tomorrow? Am keen to see it, the whole event looks great and sure to punch some much needed investment into Cardiff.

    • Dear Ben,

      Unfortunatley I have had to cancel. Going into hospital later today to have some ‘granules’ chopped out, nothing to do with chicken or beef, just some irritating aliens growing on the metal ties in my breastplate following heart surgery.

      Not to worry though, I’m writing some articles on the topic you raise for Uncut and another magazine or two shortly.

      All the best,


  2. Lets face it when have woman ever been best placed behind a wheel? Best placed over the bonnet more like it! (Apologies to PC Political Correct for that one but like Shakespeare once said: Many Truths Come Out Of Jokes!) No, but seriously it is often a Cause for Consternation when woman drivers (or should I say Driverettes?) don’t know their hill start from their one way road! Well done on the rally at least it wasn’t full of the Gardenista liberals and they’re electrical cars! (Small mercies I bet!) Best, Vincent

  3. I have had an email exchange with the organiser, it seems that gill brightmore has asked for a big fee increase and many other speakers cancelled? The event has gone from 3k to free. Big shame really. Vincent you seem like quite a naughty boy!

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