Now it’s NHS a la carte!

The NHS is forever having the stuffing knocked out of it, but now patients want a la carte grub and take-away curries from Veeraswamy’s!

In fairness to the NHS, how the hell can it keep thousands of winging, moaning and miserable palates happy every day? Even the grub Gods Oliver and Ramsay would have a job pleasing everyone. 

Get a grip, if you don’t like the rations get the family to wheel ’em in and save the NHS some bucks for once.



3 thoughts on “Now it’s NHS a la carte!

  1. I hope the new artistic cuisine doesn’t need an input from the Arts Council of Wales in the form of a grant or subsidies!.

    I can just imagine the Egon Ronay Guide of Welsh Hospitals winning the Wales Book of the Year award…..bit of good publicity for the shambles that is becoming the NHS in Wales …………..

  2. And whilst their at it why not dish up a slice of arts funding for some pretty pictures on the wall (I’m sure we all know some people who’d like to get their grub hands on some of that pie!) or maybe even some fiction to adorn the corridors (usual suspect form an orderly (!) queueue for your hand outs!)

    If you ask me what we need is sensible Privatisation because as you say the Senate Slobs and even the proper men down in West Minster seem to be making a hash of things for to long now.


  3. Maybe we could privatise the Senate, save a load of money and invest it in the NHS?

    The Senate have paid £52 million to hang some pretty pictures in Carwyns Airport, thats on top of the half a million quid for the pretty pictures,

    Perhaps we could use Objective 1 funding for an Aberystwth Guggenheim?

    The Fisrt Minister hangs pretty pictures while Wales falls apart…….”let them admire the pretty pictures”….the First Ministers famous last words as the men in white coats usher him out of the Senate after privitisation.

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