To Messrs Hewson and Mosby – Comment on Uncut 14.8.13

Your sterling attempts to defend your actions are of course appreciated.

However, sensible readers must draw their own conclusions as to the mindset of  individuals who have embarked upon an internet crusade of hate, insult and fanciful smear, both persistenty and relentlessly for over a year – incontrovertable evidence of this is plastered all over said internet.

Mr Mosby, your tedious and quaintly self-righteous obsession with 50 odd words of ‘plagiarised’ Hitchins, has become nothing less than comical, you have also ignored the genuine error that took place and the immediate newspaper acknowledgement and apology that was duly published.

Where you are concerned Mr Hewson, frankly words fail me but good luck with your book ‘The Killing’.

To conclude, both of you are nothing more nor less than a pair of rather sorry internet stalkers who really should find something better to do.

I am after all, in your own words a Mr Nobody (which of course begs the question as to why you both get so exercised about me in the first place?) and writer of little, if any consequence.

As I have said before, Oscar Wilde was never mean-spirited and neither was he an Ancient Mariner – whoops! That damned Hitchen’s again!

So far the last time, do go away and please find something more contsructive to do with your time, I’m really not worth it.

Best of luck!

Julian Ruck


21 thoughts on “To Messrs Hewson and Mosby – Comment on Uncut 14.8.13

  1. Dear mr Ruck,

    I am a great fan of your, writing. As it goes I’ve just finished a ‘bent brief’. Great work, inventive.

    Do you not think this , Mosby , Hewson feud has gone on enough, I think it is, below you?

    Thanks, for your time


    • Dear HHH,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      It makes a change!

      You are of course quite right, from now on it is total non-engagement.

      Glad you enjoyed TBB, it did give me the odd laugh writing it!

      All the very best,


    • PS HHH, look out for The Silver Songsters next April. A complete departure from TBB, a more gentle, delicate tale by far. It is based on true events back in 1938, my father-in-law was indeed billed as ‘Britain’s Greatest Boy Soprano’ at the Palladium etc back then.

      It’s all about friendship and how it can endure from boyhood into old age, in spite of calculating chorus girls trying to upset the loving applecart!

      With of course, a grand old twist in the very last couple of pages!


      • As I say Fred Watling, ‘Inept, Insidious and Irrelevant’.


        PS Your surname wouldn’t have anything to do with ancient Welsh coracle making now would it? – and yes I know, ‘watling’ in this sense is double ‘T’, I merely enjoy indulging in the odd pun or two now and again – it makes me feel so frightfully clever!

  2. Dear, Julian

    Have you ever taken your brilliance, stateside? You are the most electrifying writer in literary entertainment today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m not sure I know how to take that!

      The only way to treat Welsh literary and nationalist Yahoos, is to view them the way one would a child who has just farted in company and doesn’t quite know what to do.

      Own up or employ the last resort of leaving some smelly baggage in his underpants for nanny to clean up later.

      Either way,he has no fear of being spanked as his elders have already realised that he enjoys this too much.

      A threat of closing down his taxpayer sweet shop is far more effective.

      All the best,


      PS I believe my books are in the process of being available to American readers through Barnes and Noble. This may already be the case.

    • To Mr Origami,

      Broadsides? I think not, such barrages would be an abject waste of ammunition.On the other hand, had they been around in 1805 Lord Nelson may perhaps have considered using them as canon fodder, or at the very least confiscating their baby blue-striped sailor suits?


  3. I live my life by the three I’s. intensity, integrity, and intelligence. I have been fortunate to meet plenty of Welsh people and they have been very intense, full of integrity, and rather intelligent

    • To Kurt Angle,

      I couldn’t agree more. I am Welsh, my wife is Welsh and many of my friends are Welsh.

      It is a constant source of disappointment to me, that so many such as your good self, refuse to distinguish my criticisms of the Welsh establishment from so-called towering ‘anti Welsh’ propaganda.

      One would hardly label all those in England who thrash Parliament, as anti-English would one?

      As for your three ‘I’s’, to date I have seen little if any of these three noble qualities from Welsh language nationalist quarters indeed sadly, the opposite obtains and ample evidence is out there for all to see.

      Just take a look at the revenge reviews of my books on Amazon, somehow for example, I can’t see a ‘Sionnyn’ being from the Czech Republic can you?

      Where the above are concerned, may I humbly suggest you adopt the more incisive ‘Inept, Insidious and Irrelevant.’

      Thank you for your comment.

      Julian Ruck

      PS As for English authorial and emasculated Troll-like angst (and the evidence suggests there are only three out of thousands of possible protagonists), these people are unworthy of any further comment.

      • I’ll admit it, I’m Welsh…it’s true, it’s true! However I don’t believe that we should blindly follow the Welsh govt. to simply prove that we are true “Welshies”. But I would still not undermine and/or put down those whose crimes are that of patriotism

      • To Kurt Angle,

        Patriotism (and no, I’m not going to throw the learned Johnson at you) or in the case of Welsh nationalists, the distinctly besotted and deluded convulsions of plain nastiness?


        PS And what Welsh ‘government’? Wales has a Welsh Assembly, does it not? An entirely different animal.

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