Authors Mr David Hewson and Mr Steve Mosby

It is the natural inclination of human beings to disagree. Indeed, it is not at all unusual for these ‘disagreements’ to be sometimes caustic even volatile.

Without dissent there would be no democracy.

I must however, draw your attention to matters far more banal in nature when compared to the disputes about life and death  for example.

I refer to the year-long campaign of hatred and smear undertaken by English authors Messrs David Hewson and Steve Mosby in respect of my good self – an insignificant Welshy scribbler, in their eyes at least albeit that I appear to attract their relentless attention on an almost daily basis.

Ample evidence of their passionate disregard for me can be found in the comment threads of Westminster’s Labour Uncut and the internet generally.

Now, like me, you may be wondering why on earth two successful English authors should be so exercised by my criticisms of the taxpayer-funded Welsh writing establishment, the catalyst for their obsessive smears and attention.

They are not Welsh, they do not live in Wales, we have never met, we have never personally spoken, indeed I had never heard of either of these two gentlemen until one of my interns suggested they be invited to attend the Kidwell-eFestival back in the early part of last year.

For some time I admit, I have been utterly mystified as to their motives. People fall out, as I say people disagree but more often than not such fallouts as it were, rise and fall with equal speed. In other words, the normal sane individual says his bit then moves on. Life is far too short after all, is it not?

Not so, where Messrs Hewson and Mosby are concerned.

They persist with their vitriol. They persist with their intemperate spite.

So, why are they so determined, so committed? A question that has been tickling my mind for quite some time. In their own words, I am nothing but a fraud, a liar, a plagiarist, a charlatan, a clown, a fantasist, the list goes on and on. So again I ask, why are they so interested in me and why have they continued with their unpleasant efforts to discredit me for so long – for over a year to be exact???

Well now, a clue may lie in the fact that Mr Hewson is about to appear at the Dylan Thomas Festival in October, payment of his fee and expenses courtesy of the taxpayer of course, as are all things where the Welsh writing establishment is concerned*.

A reward perhaps?

The Welsh literati have tried everything in the book to silence me. Threats, revenge reviews on Amazon, malicious entries on the Wikipedia page, fake Julian Fuck blogs and Twitter accounts, fake emails from 13-year-old boys, you name it I’ve had the lot.

And what part have Messrs Hewson and Mosby played in all this?

You decide.


PS I look forward to meeting you in Swansea (my home town no less) Mr Hewson, when you give your talk. It will be interesting to observe if you are as brave with your words at a face to face meeting, as you are with a computer screen to hide behind.

 A more detailed account of the above will appear on Uncut as soon as F of I data requests are to hand.

* You have to admit, Mr Hewson’s bookish take on a TV crime series , is somewhat out of step with the general character of the Dylan Thomas Festival, is it not?  


7 thoughts on “Authors Mr David Hewson and Mr Steve Mosby

  1. Not that bullying idiot who actually stated: “I’ve no idea who Leighton Andrews is”. yet coments on your article in Labour Uncut…….surely not?

    Not the Hewson who is more interested in syntax similarities than actual political debate?

    What a mercenary scoundrel!

    Incredible revelation!…… it all makes sense now………….Hewson the hypocrite!

    • Are you sure about this? The same David Hewson who you told to have I’m a twat chiseled on his forehead and the same Steve Mosby who constantly asks to be left alone by you?

      • Dear Josh Abrams,

        Thank you for your comment.

        You are of course quite correct, however if I may point out my words were one of the rare occasions when I treated like with like, in spite of my having been subjected to hundreds of bullying and abusive insults for over a year now and on a daily basis.

        I must also add that I am human, and even I sometimes if rarely, allow my natural instinct to defend get the better of me.

        Readers of Westminster’s Labour Uncut only have to view the comment threads therein and indeed elsewhere, to view ample evidence of my normally restrained responses to vicious provocation on a grand scale.

        As for Mr Mosby, if I may again point out, I have sent personal messages to both his and Mr Hewson’s websites, which have been of a conciliatory nature.I have also posted polite and respectful comments on Uncut asking both gentleman to kindly desist with their campaigns of hatred and smear.

        Again, these comments are plain for all to see by those who wish to confirm the probity and integrity of this reply to your good self.

        Mr Mosby’s so-called requests are at best fanciful, it has been he and not myself who has persisted with attempts to besmirch and discredit (as once more, even a cursory glance at Uncut will confirm), to a point I must add of bombarding editors to the newspapers I write for with demands that I be sacked etc etc

        There is ample evidence on the internet to confirm every word of the above, I must therefore leave it to the reasonable man (and woman) on the Clapham omnibus to draw their own conclusions.

        Thank you,

        Julian Ruck

  2. The likes of Dave Who(?)son and Steve Moan-sby are an embarrassment to the Authorial Circle perhaps, they may want to consider, why they don’t have trilogies to speak of (only troll-ogies!)? My message to them: get a grip or get off the bus! Peter Askwith

  3. I have been following this ,for the past year or so ,in the background lurking. The Welsh gNats Daffyd Huw-son and Steve Maes B are prefect examples ,of what is wrong with todays Wales. While the hard working man on the street is homeless and on benefits they are enjoying there ,” Pontcanna latte lifestyles ,” all on the tax payers expense. Shame on ” Uncut ” for publishing there incoherent rant.

    • I couldn’t agree more.
      What really upsets me is that the, ‘ gravy train’ of Welsh cultural life , I use the term lightly, is so blatant that people like Hewson and his ilk come here to feed off it like the, ‘culture vultures’ they undoubtably are *.
      What does a talk on Hewson’s recent book of the Danish TV series, ” The Killing ” has to do with a programme of autumn events at the Dylan Thomas Centre ? Please can anyone enlighten me ?
      Well the cat’s well and truly out of the bag now, isn’t it dear Mr.Hewson ?

      Dylan Thomas ref.*

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