BBC ap Wales up to its usual tricks again.

Yes, it’s propaganda time yet again at BBC ap Wales (The Story of Wales 10.35 pm 8.8.13).

Henry Tudor of the seventh variety was a Welshman, according to the family firm anyway, or more particularly Huw Edwards.

Apparently, his being the grandson of a Welsh servant who married the widow of Henry V makes him Welsh – maybe 15% at best, if that. There is no evidence to suggest that he spoke the lingo either (French and Latin were more probably his languages of choice), but there we are, when it comes to artful Welsh shiftiness and delusions of grandeur, BBC ap Wales is none too circumspect where historical accuracy is concerned and this includes the learned Huw Edwards – frankly, how he can spout such unpardonable yet devoted fantasy on-screen is utterly beyond me, his Welsh accent always goes up a few notches too when he’s billowing with impudent Celtic fervour.

“A self-proclaimed Welshman, returning to the Land of his Fathers?” Dear God Huw, are you trying to outdo Evelyn Waugh as a propagandist or what? On second thoughts maybe not, Waugh was far too intellectually refined and subtle.

The son of said Henty VII certainly found the tenuous Welsh connection a tad inconvenient – he banned Welsh speakers from public office and annexed Wales to England in 1536.

Huw’s introduction to this frivolous theatre of Welsh glorification was enough for me. I turned the television off and went into my study to read some real Tudor history.

The propaganda intensive Huw would, I am certain, have been better served before going on-screen, had he flicked through a page or two of  A G Dickens (funnily enough I went to a lecture of his, many tears ago of course), G R Elton or J E Neale, but then no doubt the historical mastery of such acclaimed ‘Tudorists’ would have been a trifle intimidating for the editorial team at the family firm.

Oh and before I forget, congratulations to ex-BBC ap Wales political hack Rhun ap Iorwerth for winning the Army of Home Rulers (Plaid Cymru) seat in Anglesey.

And what have I been saying about the Welsh-speaking nationalist crachach at BBC ap Wales?? (See my ‘Letters from Wales’ published in Westminster’s Labout Uncut).

Finally, having watched the BBC Welsh news earlier, I am compelled to note the grievous bodily harm and abuse inflicted on the English language by their roving hacks. Somehow, I suspect they are all more comfortable with the Welsh language.

I really can’t imagine why, can you?

NB And please Mr Edwards and BBC ap Wales, stop insulting the intelligence of your audience. You not only embarrass yourselves, you embarrass the Welsh.


PS And guess what? Sadly, I haven’t been invited to the Eisteddfodd. I had even got my wife to sow some sheets together too, save the taxpayer some bucks!


2 thoughts on “BBC ap Wales up to its usual tricks again.

  1. Should have had someone with a Cardiff accent narrating it and to much landscape porn by far.

    The story of Wales in Europe is quite interesting, I suppose Huw didn’t talk too much about it?

    “The £6 billion that was wasted should, in any wellrun country, be the subject of a government inquiry. But since it was the Welsh Assembly government that administered the money that will not be happening any time soon.”

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