A Parisian Get Togther!

All my family live in Paris and have done for many, many years. My nephews and nieces are French with a capital ‘F’, and no doubt on this visit one niece will try and have a bath in the dishwasher (the last time I was there, a few months ago, she fell in it!) and a surly teenage nephew will enjoin mortal combat with his mother over homework – they are all being educated by Jesuits, so there’s no messing about.

Come to think of it, maybe Michael Gove could take a leaf or two out of Ingatius of Loyola’s book on this count, you know, give me the boy and I’ll care not for the man etc etc. Mr Gove is trying though, which is something and can only be commended.

Even Diane  Abbott agrees with him so who knows, a consensus of common sense in Parliament for once?

It will be interesting to see whether that Leisure Centre in Cardiff Bay will follow suit? I can’t see it personally, the Welsh Labour administration is hell-bent on ruining the lives of our young – all in the name of social justice.

I suppose my French connection has something to do with my being more pro than anti-European, I really don’t fancy a civil war with my siblings and their children.

Anyway, off I go on Thursday. I will be taking off from Cardiff’s ghostly international airport, although I hear it is now receiving a new lease of life – an ‘innovative’ tax-payer subsidised airline has bought some landing rights there apparently. The airline’s name?

‘Carwyn’s Carriers’!

Oh well, Taffy hopes will always spring eternal so fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “A Parisian Get Togther!

  1. Stay in Paris you egotistical tory twat! Gove is ensuring that higher education will only be available to the rich, as will the law land health service. STOP SENDING ME YOUR RUBBISH E MAILS1! Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 19:20:59 +0000 To: griffstaff4@live.com

    • Dear Mr Griffiths,

      Not one email has come from me, I assure you.

      There are a great many imposters and dirty trick mechanics out there, so may I suggest that you ignore whatever emails you receive, purporting to be from my good self.

      Paris at this time of year can be a season of Sundays, I just hope the weather will be a trifle more clement than that which we are experiencing here at the moment.

      Best wishes,


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