Uncut – a response.

I rarely respond to Troll-like spite and insult, but on this occasion I feel compelled to point out to you all, that with this particular website ( www.labour-uncut.co.uk) you are broadcasting your unfortunate hatred and misguided venom to an audience that is not limited to the Welsh principality.

Your impotent diatribes and wanton bluffs merely serve to add certainty to the national  view that the Welsh suffer from a syndrome of despotic insecurity and inferiority complex.

You are not harming me (quite the opposite in fact), but you are most certainly harming the reputation of the Welsh and Welsh culture generally.

Your petty manipulations and the aimless velocity of your misguided heroism fools no-one.

Least of all the educated and well-informed readers of Labour Uncut.

For the sake of Wales, debate by all means but please stop diminishing and embarrassing the passionate spirit of the Welsh, because all your robotic and revisionist vitriol is doing, is precisely this.



2 thoughts on “Uncut – a response.

  1. Well said Sir – you are an honest man of good repute. Don’t allow these ignorant, knuckle-dragging neanderthals affect you in any way. Keep up the good work – scream your important messager to all !

  2. Thank God the Llanelli Star has told you to where to go, you are an opinionated ignorant arrogant man, whose views are views, not facts. I suggest you look elsewhere in Europe for examples where the minority language is upheld financially and where it is being revitalized, Wales isn’t the only example. People like you make me sick.

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